Learn how to play a BB King Lick

In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to play a blues guitar lick in the style of BB King. I’ve been watching a DVD from him called, “BB King Live in Africa”, and this is a lick I kinda picked up from Sweet Sixteen.

That DVD is amazing and contains some of the best blues guitar licks you will ever find. The whole band is really tight, and they just groove like no other blues band can. You can really see why he is “King of the Blues” in this video.

BB King is definitely one of my favorite guitarists, and a lot of times when I’m playing and get stuck, I’ll think, “Now what would BB play?” As a master of economy, BB doesn’t shed through the blues progression like a virtuoso guitarist, but more like a master chef. He knows exactly which, and how many ingredients to throw into the stew of blues he’s cooking. And let me tell you, I like the taste of his stew!

So go learn this lick, and get the Live in Africa DVD. It’s well worth it, and soon you’ll be throwing down some mean blues guitar licks just like the King himself.

To learn more about playing like BB King, please check out my Play Like BB King Course.

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  1. Very cool lick John. BB is the MAN in my books. He is the Master at space in a lick.

  2. I love the BB sound and you make it all so simple. You’re great man.

  3. John,
    Great lessons on BB. My favorite BB tune is “Why I sing the Blues.” When I was a young garage band guy in the Sixties, I played “Thrill is Gone,” but that’s about it. How do you develop that “butterfly vibrato” BB does? I must not be doing it right. You’re a great teacher. Thanks, Bart

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