Have You Ever Loved a Woman Style Clapton Licks

In this lesson I want to show you about how to play Have You Ever Loved a Woman style Clapton licks. This is from the 24 Nights version of this amazing slow blues song. His tone and phrasing are just utterly amazing on this performance, and it will always be one of my favorite versions of this song by him.

Guitar – 1979 Fender Strat with Texas Specials – Middle Pickup
Amp – Fender 1966 Vibrolux
Amp Settings – Volume 6.5, Bass 8.5, Treble 7.5, Reverb 3.5, Bright Switch on, No attenuation

To learn more about playing Eric Clapton style licks using the minor pentatonic scale, please check out Play Like Clapton.

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  1. I struggle with so many teachers offering so many licks, etc., I have trouble concentrating on one concept to its completion. I especially like Griff Hamlin, Marty at guitarjamz.com , Bob Murnahan and you. All offer great things, just I have trouble concentrating on one thing. Thank you so much for all you do to help us all.

  2. John,
    Im enjoying your blues course very much.
    On the issue of Clapton video lesson I think that would be very helpful. However it would be nice to have you do some Gary Moore also. I think alot could be learned from his techniques

  3. Gary Moore is one of my favorites as well. Still Got the Blues was one CD that I learned a lot from. He has some very awesome licks. Really hard stuff. I’m glad you like the Blues Course. Thanks!

  4. I think you should just pick one thing you want to learn, and work on that for awhile before moving on to something new. There are a lot of guitar teachers on the net for sure. Lots of good ones. I can see how it can be overwhelming for people.

    Thanks, and I’m glad you like the lessons!

  5. I really enjoyed this lesson John. it would be nice to get more, and also focus on technique Bending, Hammerons, Pulloffs and picking.Thanks

  6. John,
    This is a good lesson. I’ll work on it. Is it tabbed? (not that I’m not grateful for the video or anything). BTW, I bought your “Play like BB King DVD.” I’ve worked thru to the licks & pretty much have the slow blues licks down, so I turned on the backing track and had to look around to see where BB was. It sounded like he was in the room–oops, that was me!!! 🙂 You pegged it right when you encouraged us to learn the style–not just rote notes on a particular song, although there’s a place for that, too. I’m having fun! Thanks for your help. I’ve gleaned some neat stuff from some of the other internet guitar guys, but your lessons sure get the job done. On the Clapton project, I’m a fan of the Cream era. If you can load the whole career on one DVD, great. If not, you might divide it by era. Thanks & Roll Tide, my friend. Bart

  7. Hi John
    Any chance of some lessons or a new CD on They Call It Stormy Monday (Allman Brothers) Thanks Graham. PS Great teacher great player John

  8. I have 2 of your DVD courses. I started out with the Play it like BB King, only to find out that I have put myself too far ahead of my learning curve. So I went ahead and bought the Blues DVD package and its working out well. I realized that it is better to NOT try and learn every single thing the first time around the DVDs. I have gone through and completed the Blues DVD about 4 times and everytime I discover different things and my learning process and my playing gets better (although I think memorizing the licks as John always tell you in his ‘Goals for the lessons’ is not really crucial)
    I also have DVDs from Dan Denley and Nick Savage but I have to admit that John’s DVDs are far more superior in quality.
    I will definitely buy the Eric Clapton DVD when it’s out.

  9. Excellent workyour laid back approach works great with me since I am older and like the more mellow approach. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work at you end and I will at mine. I promise.

    John Blats

  10. looking forward to clapton lessons dvd. how about a stormy monday lesson. keep up the great lessons. thanks.

  11. Hello John
    I have asked you this before but you didn’t answer. I know you are a great fan of the Allman Brothers Band so I was wondering if you would but something together in the style of They Call It Stormy Monday Live Fillmore East.

    Thank you for reading

    Graham Crump

  12. I thought I had emailed you back. Not sure what happened there. Anyway, that would make for a good podcast. I’ll see what I can do here soon.

    Thanks for the comment.

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