NEW Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

After nearly 9 years of creating video guitar lessons, I’ve never made a solo lesson that focuses specifically on playing an Acoustic Blues Guitar Solo. Granted I did create a Dobro lesson in my Open G Tuning course and a free acoustic blues lick in a video podcast, but never a full acoustic blues guitar lesson like the one I will teach here.

This solo is another one you can learn that you can play all by yourself that combines chords, licks, different rhythms, and fingerstyle playing that will teach you a load of blues techniques needed to play this style of guitar.

It has a little bit of that “old school” feel but I also added some of my own style in to give it a little bit of a modern touch.

Hope to come out with this lesson sometime this weekend to the All Access Pass and as a download.

Here’s to some acoustic blues that you can sit out on your front porch and jam the day with.

This course is now available as a Download and in the All Access Pass.

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