New Course Available – Unaccompanied Blues Solo

In the next installment of solo lessons that I add to the All Access Pass, I’m going to teach something that I’ve never taught before. This solo will be one that is played without any accompaniment. I feel this is a great way to learn how to play something completely by yourself.

If you are ever asked to play something by someone and you don’t have anything prepared that sounds great by itself then you’ll probably come off sounding like you don’t really know how to play that well. I mean everyone loves lead guitar but when playing by yourself you have to include something that gives it some structure.

Having a definitive chord structure and mixing some lead lines with chords here and there will give you something that sounds great when played just by you.

E Blues Solo Unaccompanied

This solo lesson is now available in the All Access Pass

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3 thoughts on “New Course Available – Unaccompanied Blues Solo”

  1. Great stuff here once again, John! Back to our roots yet also deliver some cool updated changes and even some jazzier chords!! I can also definitely see where getting this one down is not only a great foundation for our E-Blues with a nice flurry of a mixture of licks and turn arounds (plus a cool blues ending!) but also a fantastic exercise to keep our own internal drummers maintaining the beat and tempo!! Hurry up with the release of this cool bad boy staple! I also can’t wait to not only get this lesson down but then commence plugging in some of your cool “Roadhouse” licks as well!!

    Jim C.

  2. Lots of great licks and fills in there. This will be especially useful for when someone finds out you play guitar and hands you one and says play something ( my worst fear ) because I don’t know any songs. But these kind of solos are just the thing to amaze people with and they sounds super bluesy.

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