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Are you experiencing the Dip?

Seth Godin put out a book entitled, “The Dip”. This is an excellent book, and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to learn something, or run a business.

In this book Seth talks about the process of how one goes about learning a specific skill. He says in the beginning it’s all new, and exciting. Everything is fun because it is all so different from what we have been doing. Then the newness wears off. All of a sudden it’s not as fun anymore, and the results are not as easy to see. We get caught in a standstill so to speak. This is the Dip.
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When things become difficult and not fun, most people then give up.

This is exactly why the skill becomes very popular and regarded as impressive. For without the Dip, everyone would be doing it, and it wouldn’t be as impressive. If you’re not ever experiencing the Dip, then it is likely you are not on the right path to achieving what you set out to.

You can easily apply this to guitar playing and with lessons.

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