1. John, sometimes I think you went to Duane Allman college. Your solo really nails Duane’s style, particularly the BB King influence in his playing. I can’t wait to get this lesson. Pretty timely as well…I just picked up a cherry sunburst 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional a couple of days ago (amazing guitar by the way…I love the 50s neck and tone from this guitar…it blew away all the others I tried). Like I need any motivation to play her, but at least my playing will be focused on learning something new.

    Side note: This Les Paul is the heaviest guitar I’ve ever owned. I have not yet weighed it. It’s not cinder block heavy. It’s probably in the 9-10 lb ballpark. Do you have any recommendations on straps? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Doug! Compared to a Strat they are much heavier. A strap I like to use is the Franklin 3″. Seems to balance the guitar nicely when it’s thicker.

      1. John do you have any idea where a person can buy the sling type straps like I have seen Walter Trout use. Walter’s straps have separate support straps that go on each shoulder and are fairly wide. Thanks for the great lessons, the new series looks good, Looking forward to getting this one on Ain’t My Cross To Bear ( one of my fav ABB songs)

    2. John,

      Wow, I hear some “Live at Fillmore East” in there, some “Stormy Monday” and you are really capturing these artists in their styles!! Brother you have come a long way with your site, your playing, and your product. I love it when good things come to good people, I’m in for sure !!! Keep up the good work, and keep it coming !!!


      1. HI Mike,

        Thanks for the great comments! You’ve been there since the very beginning of the website and I appreciate the continued support.

  2. John, this is fantastic, to teach solos in the styles of different artist is exactly what I was waiting for. I will buy them all..

    Keep doing what you’re doing

    God bless you!


  3. John is one of the best guitar instructors there is…He really gets it for what people enjoy playing…The videos are of the highest qualities…

  4. John, I can’t get over your excellent instructional skills and how well they work for me. The artist you pick, the styles of Blues and Rock are exactly what I love to play. How do you pick the songs that you end up using for Learning Guitar Now customer consumption?

    1. Thanks a lot Jack!

      Picking the style of songs is done by what I really think is amazing as well as researching what the most viewed videos are on YouTube by certain artists.

      Ultimately the final decision is made by asking myself the question, is this tune fun and educational while at the same time being unique to all the other lessons I offer.

  5. John you did it again!!

    Just about finished another custom build LP. Perfect timing to play some Duane Allman. Have to get it like all the other lessons I already own.
    Hands down the best Blues teacher out there. Keep them coming.

  6. That is one awesome Duane Allman solo, John. It’s an incredible one to offer us because when you’re able to play that solo note for note, you will possess a massive foundation on how to play blues-style guitar. I think most players could start with that solo and add their own interpretations to it and soon be regarded as one helluva a great blues guitar player. Great job on this lesson!

  7. Hi John,
    Nicely done solo! I have used your premium lessons to learn slide guitar. Would this download be conducive to playing slide in open E? I have never played in standard tuning and was wondering if this lesson could be converted to slide without undue difficulty?

    1. Thanks John! This lesson is not made for slide in open e. You could play something similar but it won’t have the same vibe and would need to be totally re worked to sound similar.

  8. The Duane lesson sounds great, John! I believe you are on to something here…I think it’s a great way to take what we’ve learned from your other Lessons and understand how you mix the two together !
    Keep on keepin’ on man!

    1. Hi Michael,

      On launch day the pricing will be revealed. Until then I’m still debating a few things.

  9. I love anything Duane ever did, especially stuff from the live at the Fillmore, Idywild South, and Beginnings. Can’t wait to download.Cross to Bear has always been one of my favorites. “Trouble No more” would be a great next!!! Hint Hint!

  10. Duane is one of my favourite guitar players ever. I’ve got your podcast and I watch every lesson. Thanks for sharing John!

  11. Looks to be another great lesson and I’m sure I’ll end up getting this one too. Seams like you’re coming out with new material fast than I can go through them! Are these “solo” lessons going to be download only, or also available via the instant access portion? It’s such a great feature and it isn’t clear by the description above. As always, thanks!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes these solo download lessons will also include the Instant Access versions as well. I’m trying to put out more lessons these days as I went for 6 months without putting out any as I was working on the Instant Access functionality of the website. Thanks!

  12. Killer…. sign me up… happen to know the secret chords and single guitar bass moves for this tune so cannot wait.


    Oh and by the way, your CAPTCHA implementation is totally confusing. Understand the need but where do I enter the damn thing seems to be massive latency

    1. Thanks Chris! I’ll try to figure out a different solution as I get nearly 500 spam comments per day without one. Don’t know why people want to do that kind of crap.

  13. No one has listened to more Duane Allman in the last 40 years than me (according to me ;) and you really nailed it. Well done.

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