The New All Access Pass

Today marks a significant step forward for the website and a dream I have been trying to accomplish since 2008.
This new format will allow me to create more lessons without having to spend months putting together huge courses. I will still be putting out DVDs occasionally but they will be formed inside of the new All Access Pass by releasing one section at at time.

What is it?

This membership will give you access to all of the video lessons on the site for a monthly fee. It will also give you access to the brand new Interactive Tabs that will allow you to control the tab and watch the video all at the same time. It’s really cool!

Interactive Tabs Features

  • Looping of any selection in the music
  • Slow Motion of video and tab
  • Zooming of tab and video
  • Virtual Fretboard that lights up the notes that I play
  • Change the Tab to any Key you want
  • Switch between my performance and the track without me

It’s pretty revolutionary I believe, and I have not seen any other website implement this technology in the exact same way that I have. I could be wrong as I am not familiar with everything out there.

I actually have been using the Interactive Tabs myself to make corrections to some old tabs that might have needed some adjusting, and learning what I actually did on the video. It’s so much easier for me this way with all of the looping and tempo control features.

Video Podcast Tab and Backing Track

  • Interactive Video Podcast
  • Interactive Single Solos
  • Interactive Course Solos
  • Quick Tip Videos
  • PDF Viewer for all course lessons
  • Over 50 Backing Tracks

All new lessons that are released will only be available for Instant Access under the All Access Pass. The DVD and Download versions will still be able to be purchased but the streaming version and Interactive Tabs are only for All Access Pass members.

These will only be available to members of the All Access Pass.

Hopefully all that is clear. I’ve tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. I’ve put in hundreds of hours of work on this project and re vamped the entire Instant Access Area to make it easier to navigate and find what you want to learn.

All Access Pass

I am really excited about the new direction and I think you will be too. Thanks so much for the support and feedback. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

– John W. Tuggle

John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

I love teaching the blues and have created numerous training courses and lessons to learn how to play like BB King, Clapton, Duane Allman, and more. Get Started Now


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