1. Hey John

    The amp sounds great in its final form. Just curious why you pulled V1, I’ve done a lot of Fender amp mods but never heard of doing that.


    PS new grill cloth and knobs would cool too…just sayin’

    1. Hi David,

      Yeah I like the beat up look. :) This is why. “Deluxe Reverb, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Twin Reverb, Vibroverb, Vibrolux are designed so that signal is leaking between the two channels. The amp will play louder at the same volume knob setting when pulling the V1/V2 tube that you’re not using. The stronger signal will push the second gain stage (V4 tube) harder and give you increased sustain, compression and harmonics. This mod does not change the amp’s clean headroom.” Taken from Fender Guru

  2. Oooo … I’ll have to admit being a fan of the Vintage 30s … if I could only have had one, that would have been it. But you did note it wasn’t what you wanted from that amp. Those of us blessed with only one amp though ;-) … I might consider a speaker change for my DRii when I send it in for a reverb revival. Thanks for sharing. Russ

    1. Hi Russ. Yes the v30 speaker is nice but too much mids for a twin. I’ve used V30’s for nearly 15 years and I just don’t like them anymore for some reason. Really like the WGS speakers lately as well as the Scumbacks and Eminence.

  3. Hi John,

    I just love these comparison videos you make. You cover the points I really want to hear, unlike most other people on the Web.

    I sure like your final sound.


    1. Thanks a lot David! It’s very interesting to see how the sound can change so much.

  4. Sounds great John. I have a late ’70s twin also (135W), I’ll have to try pulling V1.

    Is yours by chance a 135 watt ultra linear twin?


    1. Hi Brain,

      Yes that’s a 135 watt Twin. Loud and clean headroom for days as you already know.

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