20 Roadhouse Licks Premium Lesson

After working on 4 Artist Style solos for the last 5 months I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. For the next Premium Lesson I want to show you some more rhythmic style Roadhouse blues licks in the key of E.

Playing in the key of E can sound really mean and aggressive and I haven’t really covered any lessons on this style until now.

These licks could be similar to that of SRV, and Johnny Winter, but I also wanted to throw a little bit of my own style in there. These licks are not direct “In the Style of” licks as I’ve been doing lately with the Solos Series but more of a nod to that style.

This will also start a new “20 Licks Series” which will be the catalyst for many different style premium lessons in the future.

I feel that learning a lot of licks is really essential to moving forward as a blues guitarist and I view them as learning the building blocks of a solo. Once you have learned lots of licks, you can tweak them to make them your own providing you know what notes to change up. This is what I teach in my Master the Blues Course as well as the techniques required to play these style licks.

Preview the 20 licks

20 Roadhouse Style Licks

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