Master the Blues Bundle

Master the Blues Bundle


Includes the Blues Guitar Method, Blues Guitar Method 2, and the Blues Techniques Courses. Running Time is 11.5 hours.


Learn how to take your blues guitar playing to the next level by learning the must know blues techniques to make your playing sound more professional as well as the concepts to confidently improvise through a 12 bar blues. This is the most popular bundle of video lessons I have ever made and with these lessons, thousands of students have learned how to start improvising instead of memorizing their way through the blues.

This Bundle contains the following Courses

Blues Techniques – Running Time 4.5 Hours

Blues Guitar Method – Running Time 4.6 Hours

Blues Guitar Method 2 – Running Time 2.5 Hours


  1. Per—Germany

    Let me say again, the quality of contents and how the videos are well filmed is incredible good. Everything is good to be seen and well explained, your outfit is always proper, even your fingernails are clean, for me not unimportant when I watch the videos for hours day by day.

    I’ve seen a lot of other products, some are well done too, for example, Griff Hamlin, or Marty Schwartz, and Steve Krenz, (others not as much) but for me your work is even superior in detail playing the Blues. Thank you for that and showing me how to get a better player.

  2. Mark in France


    I will never look at the fret board the same way ! Your courses have provided me with solid guidelines on how to memorize/use key notes, what to play, essential technique with immediate progress as a reward.

    The courses are very well explained, just what I was looking for !

    Thank you John

  3. billyclub in Springdale, Arkansas

    I’d been struggling for a few yrs, tryin to figure this stuff out on my own!! Kept gettin stumped, frustrated & almost ‘givin it up’ at times. searched & studied the Net, looking for help & getting little nuggets here & there.

    I wanted a Polished system to work with tho! Long story short, I decided on John’s 8 DVD Blues package. the day I got them, I improved!! It was like a light came on. The packaging was very professional & impressive.

    The Video & Audio were excellent. And they are easy to navigate through. I’m very happy with my purchase & highly recommend John. Its like having a private Tutor in ur back pocket, that u can schedule any time, day or night.

    There is SO much material, I’ll have homework material for a long time!! Thanks Again, Billyclub Club Tattoo, Springdale, AR

  4. Jeremy M. in Louisiana

    Great audio quality, great playing, great instruction- EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks John!

  5. Tom in Sherburne NY

    Great lessons


    I really like the lessons i purchased from you. Your instruction is clear and very easy to follow. I really like your “work hard and get good results” attitude. Its honest and has already improved my playing considerably.
    thanks again….Tom

  6. James A.

    If anyone out there is wishing to play blues guitar, I would whole heartedly recommend John’s “Master the Blues Bundle”. I purchased it this past December and have found it to be the most complete and concise set of instructional DVD’s I have found yet. That, in part, is because it hits the mark for that wailin’ slow blues sound I wish to achieve and another big part of the excellence of this course set, is John’s instruction.

    There is no fluff or filler. He gets right down to business, demonstrates and explains each method in great detail. I would recommend starting with “Techniques” disc 1 and 2, in order to become familiar with blues techniques we should all have and John’s style of playing.

    Then move to “Method 1” disc 1 and 2 for a review of scales, with new patterns and great licks and solo. The next module to this course is “Blues Guitar Method 2”, “Playing to the chord”. This is an excellent study and one that we need to do more of, in order to express that gritty slow blues sound that most people want to hear, as well as using the entire fretboard with patterns, intervals and phrasing.

    I would caution that unless you are willing to put the time and effort in, per John’s instruction on practice regime, you probably will not enjoy great improvement. As he indicates, “ if it was easy, everyone would be playing guitar”. I reiterate, I have found this course to be complete and concise and am enjoying it thoroughly. Thank you very much John for this great study.

  7. Randy T

    This is a fantastic set of lessons and well worth twice the price !!
    John is an incredible and no nonsense teacher . Clear concise and very practical info from a guy who obviously knows his theory, but can break it down into really useable stuff . Oh yeah and he is also a pretty awesome player !;)
    Rock On

  8. Terry

    Johns material is 2nd to none, ALL GREAT STUFF you will not be disappointed, I have learned so much and he keeps adding more continually.

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