Do This One Thing and Your Guitar Playing Will Get Better. I Guarantee You!

[Updated 2014]

Sounds like a bad late night infomercial huh?

I can guarantee that this will work, but I can’t guarantee that it will be easy.

This pretty much goes against the:


line of thinking.

This is what everybody wants to hear, and it makes you think that playing the guitar will be a snap!

Just like that, you too can be playing the blues!

This occurs in other areas of life as well. I bet you’ve heard these before.

  1. Make tons of money on the internet in your sleep with no work at all
  2. Lose 4 inches off your waistline in 2 weeks
  3. The Easy and Proven way to lose weight with no exercise whatsoever

Are you kidding me?

Do people actually fall for this stuff?

Unfortunately, yes, or there would not be so many advertisements.

So does this mean that all these wonderful things cannot be accomplished?


In fact, all these things and more can be accomplished by doing this one thing.

I’ve recently started working out again, and I’m finally starting to see and feel the results because I applied this concept to getting back in shape.
Working at home, creating video guitar lessons and marketing them can be a one way ticket to the overweight and out of shape club.

I decided that I’ve had enough of feeling tired, stressed out, and out of shape. It’s not like I’m very overweight, but I just generally had no energy and started to become lethargic.

Magic Pill?

So by now you’re probably thinking, If he does not get to the point quickly, I’m going back to Facebook.:)

What is this magic pill you say?

Well it’s not rocket science, but everything you want basically comes down to this one concept.


I told you it wasn’t rocket science.

This one concept will improve your guitar playing more than anything out there, provided you know what to practice. If you don’t, that’s where I come in. :)

But after you know what to practice, it’s just a matter of you doing it.

I’m not talking about a couple of times per week practicing a few licks you learned off YouTube.

I’m talking about putting pen to paper, writing out what you want to learn, and then creating a practice regimen that will get you there.

Practice this routine anywhere from 4-6 days a week for approximately 45 minutes day and in one month alter your routine based on your progress.


In a few months time your playing will improve dramatically. FACT!!!

You see, learning to play guitar is a lot like weight lifting.

If you keep doing the same exercises over and over you will reach a plateau and not produce any more muscle.

The same is true with your guitar practicing. If you don’t change up the exercises or your routine, then you will only get good at playing the same stuff you already know.

You need to force yourself to learn things that are harder for you to play and then start practicing them to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Every month or so, your practice routine should change to reflect what you have learned, and then where you are going.

Record Yourself

You also need to document where you are, and how far you have come so you can clearly see how much better you have gotten.

If you don’t see the results from your practice, there will be no incentive to continue on. When you see how much better you have gotten, it will light a fire under you to keep getting better.

After listening to yourself when you first started your practicing, then hearing how much you have improved in 6 months, will give you the motivation to become a not only good, but great guitarist!

It takes seeing these results from your efforts to keep you motivated.

This is why you should be recording yourself all the time, or you will not get any better because you don’t know what is wrong with your playing.

This post was inspired by a quote I read –

You never know what you can do, until you try to do more than you can. – Tony Blauer

Good words to live your entire life by I think.

John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

I love teaching the blues and have created numerous training courses and lessons to learn how to play like BB King, Clapton, Duane Allman, and more. Get Started Now


  1. They say it takes 10 000 hours practice to become an overnight success. That’s a tangible goal for any guitarist to work towards.

  2. wow!, stumbled upon this site. this is a great place to be if you are into learning blues lots of cool stuff going on here. Thanks!

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