Standard Tuning Slide

Learn detailed techniques that will take the mystery out of playing slide guitar in standard tuning. These lessons are in the style of playing like Warren Haynes and more.


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This course is geared to show you exactly how to play slide guitar in standard tuning in the style of Warren Haynes, Danny Gatton and more.
These lessons will teach you about how to correctly hold the slide, muting the strings, raking, and then to playing full solos, licks and more.

I start off from a very basic level to make sure you have the technique down of playing slide guitar with your fingers. I’ll then progress by giving you licks, solos, and some theory so you can understand what you’re doing and then start improvising solos yourself.

This Course Includes

Video 1 – Learn the Basics and beyond of blues slide guitar
Video 2 – Learn how to use open strings and more advanced concepts
video 3 – Learn Allman Brothers style slide guitar solos
21 pages of PDF Tabs
Backing Tracks


  1. dachambe—Fort Wayne, IN

    I had major breakthrough and improvement with these DVD’s

    I had taken lessons and tried several online resources to try and improve my slide guitar playing, but these discs made the light come on for me. John breaks down the fundamentals (muting, raking, picking, etc.) and then shows you how to apply them to licks and solos. He shows you how to play each lick both at full speed and slows it down so you can see his technique. Everything is tabbed with easy to use PDF files and there are even backing tracks so you can improvise and come up with your own licks and solos. This is a resource that I would highly recommend for anyone that has tried to learn slide and thinks they will never get it. I know I will keep coming back to this for years to come. Well worth your money. In addition if you’re a fan of the Allman Brothers and specifically Dickey Betts you should get that lesson as well. I learned countless techniques in that lesson that I’ve been able to apply to my own playing. These lessons are the best I’ve found on the web.

  2. bluesboyst—Boston, MA

    Standard Tuning for Slide guitar

    Purchasing the Standard Tuning Slide Guitar DVD’s has given me much confidencein my slide playing. The DVD’s have taken my slide playing to the front of the stage. I have audience members coming up to me after a performance and tell me how the slide playing was excellent. I have been playing guitar for over forty years but I believe my slide playing would not have come this far without John’s DVD’s.

  3. BRUNO

    No comments were submitted.

  4. Papa Joe—Massachusetts

    Slide in Standard Tuning

    I thought the DVD was really good. I have been playing slide for a while and found the patterns and licks helped a lot. I generally use a pick but now occasionally use fingers too.

  5. FlatRockMobile—Douglasville, GA

    Standard Tuning Slide Course

    I recently purchased the Standard Tuning Slide Course after going through the Blues Method 1-5 Course. John’s instruction is very thorough and detailed. He adds to his teaching little nuances such as slides and rakes that can make a huge difference. He is truly a student of the blues and seems to enjoy passing on what he has learned to others.

  6. JC—San Francisco, CA

    Definitely Worth It!

    Learning slide guitar in standard tuning is not hard but it is hard to find a good instructor on the subject. This course was great in developing the slide technique, learning cool licks and full solos to awesome songs, and it also teaches you how to navigate scales with the slide so you can develop your own improvisations. Even if you know all the notes on the fretboard and many shapes for scales, it is not entirely clear how to shape and phrase a thick slide line and this class gets you there.

    Definitely a lot of fun and gets you a lot of props from the audience!

  7. jimmy gallo—New York City

    precious stuff here

    John really opened up a new path for me,. I dabbled with slide since 1975, but lacked something.

    Watching Johns YouTube awoke my interest. I ordered and learned you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks John.
    Jimmy NYC

  8. Paul in Farmingdale, NY

    Standard Slide Lessons

    The DVD lessons are exceptional. I’ve been playing guitar for years and always wanted to learn slide guitar but never took the time. With these DVDs I can go at my own pace. Each lesson is easy to follow. The licks are great and I love the playing as I hear a lot of Warren Haynes in there. I look forward to purchasing other videos in the future. God bless.

  9. Bryan K in Maryland

    John has really excited me about my future of slide playing. In just the first hour of these DVD’s, he presents enough patterns and chords to fill hours of unguided, independent practice, improvising and exploration.

    These patterns are ‘dead-simple’ to learn, but at the same time fun to play and hear. He will have you playing all over the fretboard right from the get-go.

    This stuff is easier to memorize than the 5 pentatonic box patterns and jamming along with the backing tracks has been really fun too.

    The information in this course, while geared toward slide playing, will also open up more possibilities in my regular blues playing!

  10. Chris P

    I went from not being able to play a dang thing with the slide to actually playing some sweet blues, like Duane Allman, Elmore James, and Jimmy Page (that’s a pretty generous comparison but my intent is good lol!).

    I haven’t even finished all the licks, but I’ve already learned so much. Great purchase. Only mild complaint is a lot of the licks sound so much alike, but like I said I still have a bunch more to watch/learn. Here’s a short video I made spontaneously one day of me playing some slide. You’ll hear a lot of the licks from the course I purchased:

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