Standard Tuning Slide Pt 1

Learn detailed techniques that will take the mystery out of playing slide guitar in standard tuning. These lessons are in the style of playing like Warren Haynes and more.

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This course is geared to show you exactly how to play slide guitar in standard tuning in the style of Warren Haynes, Danny Gatton and more. These lessons will teach you about how to correctly hold the slide, muting the strings, raking, and then to playing full solos, licks and more.

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I start off from a very basic level to make sure you have the technique down of playing slide guitar with your fingers. I’ll then progress by giving you licks, solos, and some theory so you can understand what you’re doing and then start improvising solos yourself.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 The Left hand

Lesson 2 the Right Hand

Lesson 3 Raking

Lesson 4 12 Bar Blues

Lesson 5 5 Patterns

Lesson 6 Eleven Licks

Lesson 7 The Solo