Shuffle the Blues Solo

Learn how to add chords to a 12 bar blues solo by learning concepts, exercises, and a complete 3 and a half minute Shuffle Blues Solo.

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In this course you’ll learn how to successfully incorporate chords into a 12 bar blues guitar solo. To learn how to do this, I’ll show you my “Must Know” forms of blues chords, 3 exercises so you can practice this technique, stylistics so the implementation doesn’t sound bland, and finally a complete Shuffle Blues solo where you’ll incorporate all of the techniques combined with lead guitar lines.


2.5 Hour Video
19 pages of Tabs
17 Fretboard Maps
1 Backing Track

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Chords
Lesson 2 – 3 Chord Exercises
Lesson 3 Solo
– Licks 1-28

The Solo You Will Learn


  1. Ed in Singapore

    I think this is the best lesson thus far for me at this time of my development. The lessons are clear and just the kind of material that I was looking for as I wanted to learn how to incorporate chords with lead lines. Great stuff.

  2. Alex in the US

    I think I own most of John’s non-slide lessons, and each has helped me improve my technique. His arrangements are soulful, and he really goes into great detail about the subtleties that give him his amazing tone. Things like dynamics, vibrato, rhythmic phrasing, etc.

    John is definitely one of my favorite teachers and his lessons are just fantastic. I hope he does more premium lessons like Shuffle the Blues, because the magic is in playing solo licks between rhythm.

    He’s also a great guy who personally responds to any questions or comments I might have about a lesson. You get the sense he really cares about his students. Can’t recommend him enough.

  3. Terry Mason in the US


    You are a great teacher and it is very easy to follow your teaching method. Shuffle the blues is very fun to play and expand to other keys.

    Thank You

  4. melv

    Been playing for many years and this has opened up a whole lot of doorways i like to play runs off the chords and this is so very well explained has made a vast improvement just in a few days so thanks John fantastic lesson thanks MEL

  5. MEL in New Zealand

    Great guitar lessons and very well explained. Easy to follow and most of all opened another door. Big improvement in a short time

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