Play Like Clapton pt 2 Coming Soon

[ Update ]

This course is now available.

Play Like Clapton 2

In the next premium course I decided to put out some more material about one of my favorite blues guitarists, Eric Clapton. Specifically this course will focus on the From the Cradle and 24 Nights era. I believe he was at his peak during these times when playing blues guitar.

Many may say the Bluesbreakers or Cream was his standout period but I don’t think he was quite the bluesman yet that he became during these 2 periods which came back to back.

This will be the first course I have recorded since having the surgery as well and it’s nice to feel so much better while recording the lessons. I do feel that these may be the best I’ve done yet, but I always feel that way about each project I’m working on.

This course will contain two solos you will learn as well as some other lessons about playing his style.

Lesson Index


Lesson 1 Slow Blues Exercise
Lesson 2 Shuffle Exercise
Lesson 3 Improvising Like Slowhand

– 6 patterns
– Digging In
– Pre Bends
– Over Bends

Lesson 4 Tore Down Solo

– Tone Lesson
– Solo Breakdown

Lesson 5 Have You Ever Solo

– Tone Lesson
– Solo Breakdown


This Course will include

4.5 Hours of Multicam HD Video
3 Mp3 Backing Tracks
2 Video 12 Bar Backing Tracks
20 pages PDF Tabs
32 mp3 lick examples
Guitar Pro Files
6 Fretboard Maps
Tone Pics
Sample Practice Regimen
Forum Access

The All Access Pass version will additionally include

Interactive Backing Tracks
Interactive Tab for Solos and Exercises

Have You Ever Style Solo

[fvplayer src=”″]

Tore Down Style Solo

[fvplayer src=”″]

I think this course is coming out great and should be out sometime in January.

This course will be available in 3 formats –

All Access Pass
Digital Download
DVD – One Time Only Offer

I also decided that the course will be on DVD as a one time only offer at initial launch. After the initial launch is over then the course will only be available as a Digital Download and All Access Pass.


If you have any questions, post below. Thanks and Happy new Year!


On a separate note, I also got engaged over the holidays to the most amazing woman I have ever met. In addition to being so lovely she is also a Warren Haynes fan :)


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9 thoughts on “Play Like Clapton pt 2 Coming Soon”

  1. Awesome! Next to the Unplugged album, From The Cradle, is my favorite Clapton album(I’ve always preferred his more stripped down sound.) Looking forward to the content!

    And congrats on the engagement!


  2. Simply amazing, an enlightened style of teaching, articulated beautifully. I’m wishing I was a rich man, guess I’ll just have to enjoy the emotion of the moment, gratitude muchly.

  3. I have nearly all of your excellent lessons…Clapton is also my favorite guitarist. I will acquire this product as soon as it is available. Thank you.

  4. I can’t wait to dig in to this one! This is also my favorite periods of his playing. Congrats on the recovery and, the engagement! It’s great to see you looking so happy. I did not get engaged over the holidays but, was blessed to travel with my new special lady to NYC to spend New Year’s Eve at The Beacon watching Warren and friends tear it up…..
    Needless to say, an inspiring way to kick off 2016! Thanks for all you have done for my playing. Cheers.

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