My Most Popular Lessons of 2023

2023 is quickly coming to a close and the new year will be here very soon.  It’s been a great year overall and I’m pleased with all the lessons that I’ve released.  Especially since around this time last year, I could barely play guitar at all.  It’s taken a lot of practice and work but the effort has been worth it.

Here are the most Popular Lessons of 2023 based on All Access Members and YouTube.

Acoustic Blues Exercise

I sold my Gibson Hummingbird this year and picked up my very first Martin, an HD28.  The lesson I made with it quickly became very popular.

Acoustic Blues Lesson – Switching between Rhythm and Lead

Dickey Betts Melissa Style

I then sold my White Strat and my Gold Top Les Paul and found the perfect Les Paul for me.  Soon after I released the Dickey Betts Melissa Style lesson with harmonies which became a favorite among many.

Dickey Betts Melissa Inspired Lesson

Slow Blues Techniques

Later during the year, I added nearly 2 Hours of technique lessons to my Beginner Slow Blues Lead Course.  These lessons included

The Picking Hand – How to use your Picking hand for more accuracy, control, and power.
The Fretting Hand – How to position your hand, fingers, and thumb to maximize accuracy, tone, and power.
Muting – How to stop all of those unwanted strings from ringing out when you’re trying to play solos.
Vibrato – How to get more power for that SRV and Hendrix sound without killing your wrists and fingers.

Jimi Hendrix

I also finally got around to adding some more Hendrix Material to the Play Like Hendrix Course. This lesson is kind of a Mashup of Hear My Train a Comin and Voodoo Chile.

Adding Hendrix Techniques to a Slow Blues

Duane Allman Slide

The year started with a Re-Make of my Standard Tuning Slide Course which was needed since it first came out in 2009 I believe. It turned out well in my opinion and if you’re looking to learn slide without re-tuning in the style of Duane Allman, this will get you there.

BB King Style

And just recently I released my BB King Three O’Clock lesson which quickly became a favorite for many.

BB King Three O’Clock inspired Lesson

There were also many more lessons released but these were the standouts among All Access Pass Members and YouTube.  As always you can access all of the lessons by becoming an All Access Pass Member.

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Thanks again for the support and another great year of lessons in 2023!  I’m already filming for new lessons that will come out in 2024.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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