1. The ‘new’ website looks much better. The darker background is way better to navigate and better on the eyes too.

    A suggestion on a special course – playing with others. Playing blues to me is really when you play with others.

    Introduce a second player such as 2nd guitar and/or bass – chord and note harmonies.And if you can, especially drums. Drums in blues is so fundamental.

    Keep up dem blues.

    Guy P ……….. from Downunder

  2. John – love the concept of the “mixing chords with lead” — and really digging that jumpy rhythm and tasty rakes. Totally up my alley. Can’t wait. BTW, your sweet, mellow tone on this demo is beautiful — sounds like an ES maybe on middle position? Would be nice to see all the gear & settings (in the course itself, of course — I’m not looking for handouts — you usually address this in your premium lessons, but just a reminder in particular for this one.

    I personally find negative text (white on dark background) a little hard on the eyes, but it does look attractive. Good job.

    1. Cool. Glad you like the tone. It’s actually on the neck pickup but those Eminence Speakers really made a difference.

  3. Great new look! Web design like learning guitar… practice makes perfect!

    Congratulations John! Looking forward to the new courses.

  4. Hi John,
    An older guy here—the grey and white is very hard to see without a whole lot of blurring. Very little contrast between background and script. I very much preferred the old format. I understand that some may find the white background overpowering but the contrast was so much better. Perhaps a black background instead of the grey would be much better (as is the top of this page)

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry it’s hard to read, but a black background is the hardest on the eyes. I’ll try to adjust some, but I don’t plan on going back to the white background. I just can’t please everyone. Thanks.

  5. John,

    Keeping the site fresh is great thing to do and and continue with a few times/year!

    I’m seriously looking forward to the new Blues Method 2, to take in more of your vision for the re-vamped blues method (the new method 1 was great so I expect this to be great too). Lastly, I think the idea of a solo/chord course is fresh and new. I’ve not seen it made available before (at least not a good one, my in person instructor even had a hard time teaching it) and It’s a skill I’ve always aspired to get goo. So that one is also highly anticipated!

  6. Hi John,
    The new darker grey background is much easier on the eyes. Much better contrast. Well done!!! Very classy and up market looking.

    1. Thanks John! I believe you made the comment earlier so I tried to darken it up a bit. Glad you like it. This stuff can be exhausting.

  7. Hi John,
    The new darker grey is so much easier on the eyes. Much better contrast. Well Done!!!

  8. Great looking website, very classy. Great to have those links up top (Home, Store, My Gear, etc). Gold for all the in line links is also a great idea.

    Were’nt you playing a Fender single coil, possibly a Strat on those samples you posted? When Alex posted calling your instrument an “ES”, did he mean something like a Gibson ES-335?

    I too play a lot of chords with my melody. I’m always interested in seeing other people’s ideas on that, so I’ll be buying that course for sure. Your new Blues courses sound interesting too.

    1. Thanks Dave. All the samples were played on a Gibson 335 with the Eminence speakers. Love those things.

      1. Tone is a funny thing, isn’t it? But wow, I LOVE the tone you’re getting.

        I bought a Gibson Les Paul a month ago, so it’s tone must be in my head, lol (I usually play a Fender Strat through a Marshall DSL40C).

        This is the fourth LP I’ve bought in my life. The others suffered from string binding at the nut, which nobody could figure out how to fix, so I took them all back to the store soon after I got them. They just wouldn’t stay in tune.

        I was told Gibson recently got a new quality control guy, and now the factory nuts, and the specs handed out to techs and luthiers seem to work. And my ES-335 has a new nut and finally stays in tune, too!

  9. nice improvement John, i really like it, way better than the previous version.
    one thing though, the top menu items are changing whenever you either click “Store” or “My Account”, i think it’s more user-friendly and easier to navigate if the top menu always stays the same.

    1. Thanks Pat. I’ve changed the menu to be exactly the same except the cart icon in the store. There’s no way to put that everywhere as the Store is a separate database.

  10. Hi. I’m new to the site. Looks great. Looking forward to checking out some more of the lessons you have on here.

  11. Hi John,

    Nice work for the site. Looks functional, clean and sharp overall.

    By the way, any chance at wall that we might get some blues material one day from Les Paul masters Mike Bloomfield and Peter Green?

    Cheers and keep on the great work.

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