1. Hi John, I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to thank you for all the great info. I’m very sorry to hear about your arm injury—I’ve never had anything that severe, but I’ve given myself tendonitis a couple of times from overzealous guitar playing. I was just wondering, do you tend to focus on any specific exercises or techniques that are easier on your injury while you’re practicing, or is it mostly just about less quantity / intensity?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      I just try to limit myself to very intense playing only a small bit. Playing like Johnny Winter and SRV is very hard on you physically so I try not to spend too much time playing that style.

  2. Hi John,

    Get well soon you’re the best teacher the internet has to offer. I like your life style changes, I’ve done the same after some internal injuries.

    I know this might sound strange, but yoga is actually something you might also consider. Along with at least 8 hours of sleep and occasional mediation.

    Be Well,

    Mike D

  3. Hey John,

    Glad to hear the arm is coming around. I recently had a malignant tumor removed from my right forearm,
    underside. They removed an entire muscle which left my middle finger with really limited movement. Since
    I am a finger style guitarist, that really sucks!

    Yet I am thankful I can still feel my fingers (that was a possibility if they had to remove nerves). So I am
    having to relearn how to finger pick as well.

    it’s like “you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry kind of thing”. Taking care of your hands/arms and your health in general is a key factor in one’s guitar playing and all other endeavors in life :)



  4. John,

    I am just starting to learn slide guitar and I stumbled upon your site from other sources. I was debating whether to spend my hard earned money on your lessons when I read your blog post about your injury and recovery status. I was so impressed with your perserverence and character that I decided to purchased my first set of lessons (Open E Tuning) then and there. I am sure that I will be back for more purchases later.

    Thanks and hang in there! You’re an inspiration to many of us.


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