1. The point about sitting down and understanding how the pedal interacts with your amp is a really important one that didn’t resonate with me before reading this post. I too, find my self using the Maxon more than the OCD.

    Only somewhat related – Scott Sharrard uses the Zendrive from Hermida Audio. I really like his tone and want to check out that pedal, but its pricey and stores don’t really carry them. I don’t care for the pay first, listen second method :) They do have sound clips on their webstie, but those clips never seem to do justicee.

    Thanks for writing up your thoughts on this topic.

  2. I have to agree entirely with your assessment. I have a vintage 80’s TS9 tubescreamer that I will take with me to the grave. I don’t really like the sound of the OCD alone, but when I use the OCD to overdrive the natural sound of the fender amp a little and then add the Tubescreamer to the front of it = Pure sonic bliss with a Strat.

    Love your tone and your lessons John. Keep it up.

  3. John,
    I recently picked up a Boss Fender Bassman pedal. I’m still experimenting with it and was wondering if you’ve had any experience with one. My initial plan is to use it as a pre-amp kind of thing. I have a Peavey Classic 30 (with a Weber speaker – you’re right – a worthwhile upgrade!). I plan to play plugged into the Bassman pedal, then through a Guv’nor 2 (which I power through the low power setting on a Voodoo Lounge Power supply and use for a little extra oomph) plugged into the clean channel on the amp. Any thoughts?
    As usual, keep up the great work and I’m glad to hear you’re recovering so well.

  4. On board with you here. I do strats into Abunai2 (MaXon ts clone) > OcD for great clipping options on 15 – 50watt amps. Volume nob friendly and tone options galore. Great article here. Wisdom.

  5. I play my strat through a fender blues junior. I get an incredible tone from this amp. I can get it to distort with no pedal. I also use a Gibson 335 and I’m able to get a nice distortion with no pedals. I think that the key is the right amp.

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