So You Want to Learn Slide Guitar?

It’s January 2013 and that means it’s a new year with new opportunities and beginnings. Many of you may be debating whether you want to try learning slide guitar or not and start playing some real emotive sounds on the guitar.

In this blog post, I’m going to list some helpful resources I have on the site, to make it easier to access the most popular beginner slide guitar Free Lessons.

First let’s talk about tunings. This is really important as it will dictate how you will sound and what you will need to learn. Check out my post on Side Guitar Tunings to understand what each tuning is all about.

Open G Tuning Free Tutorials

Open E Tuning Free Tutorials

Standard Tuning Free Tutorials

My Story with Slide Guitar

Slide Tone, Strings, and Settings

There’s some of the most informative material I have produced for Free on the site regarding slide guitar. If you would like to learn ever more check out the slide guitar section in the Learning Guitar Now Store. Check out these lessons here.

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  1. Hey John, just saw Warren Haynes do a three kings set on New Years. It was awesome. You gotta check it out.Can’t wait for the Warren Haynes bundle.

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