1. Any thoughts on doing some instructional videos on open G? Im working my way through the open E and I cant get enough. Next stop is the land of G and you would be a great teacher for that too!!!

    1. I plan on doing some at some point. Haven’t decided when yet. There could be some Dobro as well as electric lessons in open G. Thank for the comment.

    2. I recommend open a as its the same as open g except a little higher but if you want to play along with Robert Johnson. Open a with a capo on fret 2 for walking blues and on fret 1 for judgment day. Oh the secret devil tuning used on hellhounds is open b minor. So again open a minor with capo on 2.

  2. I like to play a 12 bar blues in the key of A in both open E tuning and then open A tuning (or D or G) and it makes my brain work harder. Keeps me from getting stuck in a rut. The licks and patterns can be similar but in very different positions on the neck.
    I haven’t found a good capo that would allow me to play clean slide near the capo, but there are good possibilities with that.
    It is hard to retune your guitar to different tunings between each song in a set.
    I suppose that is why folks just learn to play different keys in the same open tuning.
    Thanks for the help John, love your stuff.

  3. Man I just brought home a used (2008) SG Standard and then I see that you are playing a 61′ Reissue! Doh! Oh well, it still sounds pretty darn good.

    Can I leave my guitar in Open E and play along with a backing track in A? (without a capo). I was wondering if I could use the 5th, 10th and 12th fret as my changes during the progression. Thanks,


    1. The SG Standard is a great guitar. Don’t worry about having the 61 reissue. You can play in any key using open e tuning and yes the 5th, 1oth, and 12th fret would be be the changes in a 12 bar blues in A. Thanks for the comment.

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