VL Effects Greentone Demo


In this video I want to show you a Demo of the VL Effects Greentone Overdrive Pedal. This pedal is in the family of tubescreamer style overdrive pedals, but this pedal is a lot more versatile in my opinion.

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Gear Used

1962 Custom Shop Strat Heavy Relic
1966 Fender Vibrolux
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus
Shure SM 57
AEA R84 Ribbon
API A2d preamp converter
A Designs Nail ( Tube Compressor )

The guitar sound was captured by a Shure 57 and an AEA R84 Ribbon into an API A2d then to an A Designs Nail with no compression whatsoever. No EQ or compression was added at mixdown.



Fender 1966 vibrolux

57 and AEA R84

Fender Custom Shop 62 Heavy Relic

You can check out VL Effects Here Vincent is a great guy and hand makes some of the best pedals I’ve ever used. They are built like a tank and should last a very long time.

7 thoughts on “VL Effects Greentone Demo”

  1. I didn’t see the Greentone on his site but based on the prices of his other pedals it’s WAY out of my price range. I’m not sure why he would charge so much.

  2. The best sounding and most flexible OD pedal I’ve heard to date — of course, your playing and tone always sound killer irrespective of the hardware. But as Andy pointed out, that price tag is in tube amp land. Shame they can’t bring the price down, because I’d get one yesterday. The cost of these boutique pedals have me wondering if a digital stompbox might be the way to go…

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