1. Great Job John! Keep up the good work and keep your spirits high.
    You are very talented player and a very gifted teacher. You have helped a lot of people.
    Thanks for all the Great lessons.


  2. John,

    Sounds great! How will be able to purchase it once released? Thanks for sharing and keep on keeping on, brother.

    1. Thanks! It will be available on the site just like the lessons. I’ll be sending out an email.

  3. Great job, John!!! Lots of emotion and soul and killer tone. Can’t wait to add it to my collection. Keep your spirits up and your guitar slung low!

  4. very cool tunes John, glad you got the time to record them. thanks for the preview and as always the great lessons. Cheers

  5. oh yeah, very nice! Loved the Ry Cooder vibe on the first tune. Tasty…

    Glad this year is turning around for you



  6. Simply great!!!!

    I can wait to get the the full version of your EP…

    I have an idea for your “Play Like” series………..

    “Play Like John W. Tuggle”….I’m a buyer, you’re a true inspiration

    God Bless You!

  7. I too want you EP
    I have your Early Slide & Blues series
    I know you will be blessed through you recent trial
    Your Silent Night was Beautiful
    Can only imagine how you could do
    How Great Is Our God & Amazing Grace

    Bless You My Brother


  8. This is quite an achievement and no easy task. You guys have some serious talent. Thanks for the previews.

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