1. Very good advice, I wish I saw something like this before selecting my first guitar.

    I ended up selecting an acoustic guitar; which I by no means regaret… However I did end up fustereted after a while and put it to the side…

    A few months from then, I did end up buying an electric setup also… I used it to learn some basics (and yes, electric guitar strings are so much easier to manipulate than acoustic strings! remember everyone acoustic guitar strings have a lot more tension on them!!!)

    Anyway, after a bit I went back to Acoustic and all is fine. I still pick up the electric once in a while, but I like how acoustic guitars sound… :-)

  2. Hey, so I am just starting out on the guitar. I have been told many a time that an acoustic is easier than electric. Thanks to this, I have been putting off buying a guitar for nearly three years. Thankfully, I saw this post n will now be buying my first electric guitar ad will continue learning. I have always been more inclined to heavy music, and will finally play it after a while. Thank you!!!

  3. I think the real issue here is whether the guitar is set up or not and the gauge of the strings on the guitar

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