1. Hey John , this is looking to be good stuff !! Looking forward to the release details.
    a Couple of questions :-

    I play mainly acoustic blues …will this work for me ??

    I’ve also been playing a while .. so while not a beginner and aware of most of the basic stuff , I’m still a learner though … will this be the right course for me ??

    1. Hi Barry, This course is meant for electric lead guitar. If you want to play lead on your acoustic this will help but there is no acoustic guitar used. This course is for players who don’t know how to break out of the boxes and don’t know which notes to play when chords change.

      1. Hi John, I replied to Barry J’s inquiry as I am looking to grow in my blues skills. While I’m also not new to playing guitar and at times would call myself an intermediate, there are times I’m not sure. My creative juices are in need. I can run the minors/majors/blues scales all day long. I want to be able to join in on a jam if asked and feel I’m able to hold my own and not subtract from the group. Is this the right place to start? What individual or bundle set would you recommend. I’ve seen too many instructors try to impress with how fast their fingers can move, but I want DVD’s I can follow and my mind not start to get blurred by the “too fast a pace” teachers. So help if you can direct me to how and where to begin. I do already own your Play Like Clapton DVD’s bought 2 yrs ago, but honestly never got started due to work. Now I am retired and would like to get started again. Thanks

    2. Hello Barry J: I’ve been researching Blues Guitar DVD instructions, looking for someone who can take me to the next step. I’ve looked at GuitarJamz / BluesGuitarUnleashed and now John Tuggles. I see that you state, “l’ve also been play a while…so while not a beginner… This is where I am at. I’m looking to feel comfortable in stepping in a joining a jam at the local pub and to feel I can hold my own sort of speak. Would you say this Blues Guitar Method and the 2nd DVD set are something that help you get there! I’ve been playing / studying blues for a while now, but really need to develop my creative juices and knowledge. Thanks for any feedback.

    1. Hi Steve. The Course is not ready yet. I’ll be sending an email out when it’s available. Thanks!

  2. Hi John,

    Would it be possible to have a “downloadable version” of your updated blues guitar method coz i live in france and it takes a lot of time to get my orders from the states (when i get’em …)

    ta muchly


  3. John, is this worth buying for someone who already owns your recently discontinued complete Blues Course?

    1. Hey Paul, It has all new licks, new Solo, and new concepts about improvising and implementing scales and intervals.

      If you don’t feel like you have a problem with improvising over a slow blues using the Minor Pentatonic, Major Pentatonic, and Blues Scales, then you would probably not need it unless you wanted to learn some new licks, a solo, and more concepts about Improvising.

      It contains material I’ve never released before. If you can’t make a decision, then I would recommend buying the download to see if you would like it. Then if you don’t feel you’ve learned anything then a refund would be easier to apply.

  4. John,

    Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into this DVD course, it is excellent! I bought it the first day it was on sale and have already re-learned a lot of things that I’ve forgot over the years. You even make Music Theory easy to understand. I’ve been playing for 52 years and trying to get out of the same old lead rut, I believe this course will solve my problem. Not a beginners course, but even us old timers can learn from it. Well worth the money!

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