Recording Drums and Bass for the EP – Roll Down the River

This week has been an exciting time for the EP. On Monday my old drummer from a past blues band in Athens, Carlton Owens laid down some of the best drum tracks I’ve ever been a part of. With Rob Henson on bass guitar, these two guys took my songs from bedroom demos to full on productions in my opinion. Having a solid rhythm section behind you makes a huge difference in the sound. I can’t wait to finish up the tracks.

Here’s a short preview of the tune “Bound in Glory” from the EP.

I’m hoping to finish this EP soon, but there’s still quite a few things left to do.



John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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  1. Well, I know you’ve sold at least one copy of the EP – to me! Great job, hope there’s a slow blues onboard.


    • Amazing! I got the same guitar tone with my Strat and Blues Junior!Nothing

      like warm tube overdrive and staying away from harsh cold solid state rock distortion! Good atuff!!

  2. Hey John, the way I see it is, when your guitar teacher sounds this good, it inspires you to practice that much more. Thanks !

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