New Course – 20 Minor Blues Licks

[Updated July 23rd]

The next premium lesson will show you how to play 20 Minor Blues licks in the style of BB King, SRV, Clapton, Billy Gibbons, and John W Tuggle :)

I think these licks will open up some new ways of thinking about playing over a minor blues similar to the Thrill is Gone, Tin Pan Alley, and Blue Jean Blues. These three tunes have always been some of my favorites when approaching a minor blues progression.

This course will be available for All Access Pass subscribers in July.

This course is now Available in the All Access Pass and for Download here.

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9 thoughts on “New Course – 20 Minor Blues Licks”

  1. As usual…John comes through with another AMAZING course…just love the sound of the new licks on the 20 Minor Blues Licks.

  2. Looks like a great lesson..
    I know you teach mostly soloing strategies…
    It would be cool is you could get into some rhythm stuff as well.
    I’ll be on of the first for this one.
    Matt V.

  3. HI John, Can i just buy this 20 minor blues lick course or do I have to buy the all access pass? regards Dave.

    1. John W. Tuggle

      Hi Dave,

      This course has not been released. Will be available for download sometime in July or August.

  4. Would be nice if you would supply ‘rig’ you used to produce these licks or what should work.

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