New All Access Feature Member Forums

A brand new feature that I have just implemented for the All Access Pass is the Member Forums.

I think this is a great way for members to ask questions about the lessons, interact with other members, and to give me feedback on courses I am currently working on.

Goals, Practice Regimen, Showcase Your Playing

Another aspect that I’ve added to the forums is a section that gives you the ability to state you goals about where you want your guitar playing to go, posting your current practice regimen, and showcasing your playing.

To me these 3 steps are very critical for anyone that really wants to see significant improvement with their playing. Having a written goal is very powerful and can change the course of where you are headed.

If you don’t have a direction to go in you will just drift. I don’t want you to drift. By stating your goal in the forum you are setting a direction for yourself to head in. This is a must do.

After you have developed your written goal, you need a plan of how to get there. In the practice regimen forum, you will be able to state your current practice regimen for you to follow.

You can also download a sample practice regimen as an All Access Pass member or ask for help on how to best create one.

Next, you can showcase your playing by posting a YouTube or Soundcloud clip in the Showcase Your Playing Forum. This will give you and others the ability to see and hear where your current level of playing is at.

You can’t go anywhere unless you know where you are and by listening to your current playing level you will have a good idea of your current ability. Then a few months later you can post another clip to see how far you have come.

When you do see results, it will light a fire under you that will make you want to get better and better. I know because that’s what happened to me when I started recording myself on tapes back when I was 17. It really does work!

Safe Area

Yes, you could do all these things on your own, but what makes this better as an All Access Pass member, is that you can get feedback and accountability from people just like you who are genuinely trying to get better and are not out to criticize someone which can often be the case in a public forum. This eliminates anyone from just coming in off the net and posting randomly.

This is a members only forum so only people who are paying for access are able to post. No matter what your current level of playing is, you will not receive any condescending remarks from anyone.

If someone did post something out of bounds for the forum, then it would be deleted and they would be removed from posting.

I’ve tried to make this forum about creating an environment that will give you direct action steps to take for you to see results much quicker than you could by yourself. Writing goals, creating practice regimens, and getting feedback about your playing is invaluable for developing into a better player.

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