Blues Rhythm Guitar Release

One of the top things that guitarists have a problem with is rhythm. Let’s face it rhythm is hard, but achieving a fluid rhythm blues guitar sound is achievable by learning and applying the correct foundation.

In my new Blues Rhythm Guitar course I want to give you the foundation you need that will help you become a better blues rhythm player.

By following the lessons taught in this course, you will have the knowledge required to tackle nearly any blues situation and be the rhythm backbone at your next open mic jam.

The Course

“Blues Rhythm Guitar”, will be released much differently than the courses I have put out in the past. This course will be released one lesson at a time every week to the All Access Pass for a couple of months or so. However long it takes before I feel the first installment for this course is complete. When the course is complete it will be made available as a Download and maybe a one time only DVD purchase if there is enough interest.

I think this will be a new and refreshing way to learn this course. Sometimes it seems that when trying to learn a big course like this that contains a lot of concepts and content, it can be easy to just skip over parts and move to just the examples. That’s not the way you should work through a course like this though as you’ll miss key pieces that are required to understand all of the concepts that are taught. Also, I think many people just get distracted with other lessons and don’t focus as much on one particular course. Having a 30-40 minute lesson delivered weekly will really help to combat this I believe.

Tools Included

Chord Diagrams
Interactive Tabs
PDF Tabs
AB Looping
Slow Mo
Forum Access

As we move into a new era of learning, I want to fully utilize all the tools that technology has made available. While learning from a DVD or Download can be really good, I think the process that I’m trying to create that is similar to a virtual classroom can really help to make the courses much more effective for anyone wanting to learn how play the blues.

This is the tentative lesson index although things may change depending on how they come together.

Lesson Index

Lesson 1 Chords and Chord Formulas

Lesson 2 Diatonic Chords

Lesson 3 Right Hand and Left Hand

Lesson 4 Blues Progressions and how they come from the Major Scale

What is the 12 bar blues?

Time Signatures


12 Bar dominant
12 Bar Major
quick change
12 Bar Minor

ii V I
vi ii V I
8 Bar Blues

Lesson 5 Rhythms

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