Blues Rhythm Guitar pt 2

In my new Blues Rhythm Guitar pt 2 course I want to continue on with the blues rhythm guitar lessons that were started in pt 1. There were personal and health reasons that Blues Rhythm Guitar pt 1 came to a hault but now have re structured the plan to teach the rest of the most common techniques and concepts used to play blues rhythm.

This Pt 2 course will focus on more of what to play when presented with different blues styles while the first part in the series was more of getting the basic foundation set in place.

This course is currently being released in the All Access Pass as I complete new lessons. So far there is close to 2 hours of material that I feel really help you to better understand how to play blues rhythm and more coming soon. To get immediate access to this course you’ll need to become an All Access Pass subscriber. Also I’m recording this course to work best and make sense by utilizing the tools in the All Access Pass and specifically the Soundslice Interactive Tabs.

This course will not be released as a download anytime soon and right now I’m not sure if it will ever be released in that format as I am recording it to make sense in the All Access Pass.

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Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Classic Blues Riff

– Hoochie style
– House is Rockin’ style
– SRV Roadhouse style

Lesson 2 – Funky Rhythm

– Freddie King Style
– SRV, John Mayer Strum Style Rhythm
– 16th Note Strum Patterns
– 4 Exercises

Lesson 3 – Blues Riffs ( coming soon )

– Luther Allison Style
– Buddy Guy Style
– Freddie King Style

Lesson 4 – 3 Note Chords

Lesson 5 – More Commonly Used Blues Chords

Lesson 6 – Improvising Chords

Again if you would like to start learning the basics and beyond of playing blues rhythm guitar check out Blues Guitar Method 1 and Blues Guitar Method 2 available in the All Access Pass.

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