Slide Guitar Lesson: Play like Duane Allman

So you’ve always dreamed of playing like the late slide guitar master, Duane Allman?

Well I’m here to tell you it can be done, with a little practice and knowledge.

In this slide guitar lesson, I’ll show you 3 key things in Duane’s playing that stand out in my mind as “must know” techniques.

Here they are:

  1. Repetitive Licks
  2. Phrasing
  3. Melodic Development

These things may sound boring, but they are the KEY to sounding good when playing slide guitar. He is regarded as the innovator of the slide guitar, and like any true innovator he will never be replaced. To replicate his sound you will need to listen to what he listened to and played.

Duane served as a session player before the Bros got together. Playing with the likes of Aretha Franklin and many other R&B artists. This had a dramatic effect on his playing and I believe this is why he played like he did. With soul brother!

So how how do you develop these 3 things to sound like Duane Allman?

Try these 3 things to start with.

  1. Listen to R&B singers and learn their vocal parts on slide guitar.
  2. Practice along with artists and jam along with your favorite tunes. itunes Blues radio is a good start.
  3. Jam with a band regularly. This is real important! Anyone who really wants to get good, must get out there and play.

Here are a couple of licks in open e tuning, played in the key of D in the vein of Duane Allman that anyone should master when learning the slide guitar.

slide guitar tabs

Playing slide guitar is not really that hard once you get the basic techniques down.  The hardest part is conveying emotion through your instrument.  This is what Duane excelled at.  Keep those slides out and wailing, and pretty soon your slide guitar chops will be singing like Aretha.

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What do you think of Duane Allman?

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John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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  1. Brilliant Playing…… inspiration to keep on keepin on…..

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