1. Can I use your slide guitar istruction and apply it to lap steel with
    six strings? I tune my lap steel to E7th ( BDEG#BE ) I want to play
    lead on the lap steel. I know something about the pentatonic scale.

  2. I am trying to learn slide in open E tuning. I may be misreading the Am Pent scales and or the corresponding tab that you have shared on this page. Both three measure systems appears to represent ‘standard tuning’ , not ‘E open’, and I don’t recognize some of the notes that you have included in those measures as being Am Pent scale tones; i.e. F, B, A# and C#. Please correct my misinterpretation of your notation examples so that I can move forward in my attempt to learn slide playing (which has been very challenging to me) in open E tuning . Thank you for sharing this very helpful page.

      1. Open tuning E would be:
        Ms one third beat, 3rd fret 5th string should be D not C.
        Ms one forth beat, 5th fret 5th string should be E not D.
        Ms two first beat, 3rd fret 4th string should be G not F.
        Ms two third beat, 4th fret 3rd string should be C not B.

        IMHO I believe I am correct assuming there is not special rule for notation or TAB in Open E.
        As per my initial request – I would appreciate a reply as to what I am doing wrong; not just that it ‘is correct’ as written, that doesn’t help me with my possible misinterpretation. (But, thanks John.)

  3. I am looking to sign on to a good course for open E slide; please bear with my seemingly naive, but, sincere questioning of the above, I know scales, tunings and notation fairly well, but, I don’t know many (practical applications of) riffs in open E, especially minor ones.

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