Silent Night – My Bluesy Version of this Christmas Classic.

It’s that time of year again and this year I decided to record one of my favorite Christmas songs, Silent Night. This song has one of the most beautiful melodies and the words carry so much meaning to me.

This entire song was performed by myself and totally mixed in Pro Tools. All the guitars were plugged directly into the amp and the different tones were achieved by changing the pickup or volume knobs on the guitar.

Here’s the gear I used.


Gibson SG 61 Reissue
Fender Strat 1979
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Gibson ES 335 Reissue
Fender Classic Vibe Jazz Bass with Fralin Pickups


Fender Vibrolux 1966
Weber Attenuator


Superior Drummer
Nashville Sounds

Recording Gear

Digi 002r
Api A2d preamps
A Designs Nail Tube Stereo Compressor on 2 bus
Massey TD5 Delay
TL Space Reverb
URS Channel Strip Pro EQ and Compression
Ampeg SVX Bass Sim
Waves Ren EQ
Slate Digital FG-X

I hope you like it and thanks for visiting the site. Merry Christmas! – John W. Tuggle

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25 thoughts on “Silent Night – My Bluesy Version of this Christmas Classic.”

  1. Hi John -great choice of music to show your talent for teaching in the styles you are demonstrating here. Are we ever going to hear and see you with a Paul Reed Smith guitar in your hands? I have an 2008 American built Custom 24 with a 10 top and blue matteo quilted maple finish and have to say that it’s the best guitar I’ve ever invested in. I also own a worn brown Gibson Les Paul and a cherry SG standard, plus a 50th anniversary Strat in gold finish. The only guitar I play now is the PRS as I find that the tones and neck shape make me feel more comfortable – enough to play for much longer at a time. The closest to the PRS for me in tone and playing comfort is the SG standard.
    I bought a set of your slide-guitar playing lessons on DVD from you a couple of years back and I still get them out and use them for reference when my ‘bedroom’ playing times are less frequent due to the work I do from home.

    From over here in the good old UK, I want to wish you a merry Xmas & prosperous New Year, and keep making those lesson videos and podcasts:)

  2. John, you have been a great help to me and many others who have taken your courses. All the best to you and your family. God bless…….!

  3. Nice arrangement John however it rambles a tad when you introduce Clapton and King.Try sticking to the original melody when imitating these guys. I love your King impersonation nevertheless. Hope you don’t mind constructive criticism good buddy.
    Keep up the great work John.

  4. Great playing, tone and arrangement. Thanks for sharing. Love the new Les Paul

    Keep the great lessons coming!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  5. I see the Six Strings of Christmas album is in your future! Great job. Would have liked even more slide, but that’s just me.

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