Learning Blues Guitar: How to play blues like BB King.

Do you want to play some killer blues guitar? If you said yes, then the man to listen to is BB king. He has toured for decades, and still remains one of the most recognized blues guitarists in history. In this lead guitar lesson, I’ll show you a cool position that BB uses all the time. He has created signature licks that can be used in any kind of blues or rock chord progression.

If you’re serious about playing blues guitar, then these licks are a must.
Here are three things to keep in mind when learning these blues guitar licks.

  1. Phrasing – the timing and placement of the lick
  2. Vibrato – where you shake a note up and down to produce a vocal like quality
  3. Space – give your licks room to breathe. A flurry of notes is cool, but stop and breathe sometime. Your audience will thank you.

The lick below shows one position that BB uses all the time. It’s basically the major pentatonic scale with the b5 included, the “blues” note. This is in the key of A.

blues guitar tab

All this should be played with your 1st, 2nd , and 3rd fingers. Take note of the vibrato as well. The “blues note” is the note located on the 11th fret.
When learning blues guitar, it is essential to learn from the masters. BB King is one of them. Without learning his licks you will be missing out on some of the great blues guitar licks ever.

For more information on learning blues guitar licks like BB King, check out my Slow Blues Guitar Solo Lesson.

John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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