New Clapton Badge Style Lesson

In June we’ll continue the Artist series style solos with a Clapton Badge style solo. Now Badge is one of my favorite Cream era Clapton solos and I think it is a great study for learning how to blend the minor and major pentatonic scales to sound like a seamless solo instead of one that sounds like you are switching back and forth between the two.

Watch the Solo

This solo and lesson will be available to All Access Pass subscribers on June 23rd or sooner.

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7 thoughts on “New Clapton Badge Style Lesson”

  1. michael thistle

    Do I have to have an all access pass to get the badge course or is there a way to purchase the course alone as a download. I can’t afford to reinstate my all access pass at this time but I really wanted to buy the badge course.


    1. John W. Tuggle

      Hi Michael,

      Yes this lesson is only available in the All Access Pass. I don’t feel there is enough material to sell it as a download.

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