NEW All Access Visit History

A new feature that has just been added to the All Access is the ability to view all the lessons you have visited on the site.

With so much material now in the All Access Pass, sometimes it can be hard to remember what lessons you have viewed in the past. Now you can view all the these lessons at your Visit History page.

This page remembers all the content you have visited on any device so if you switch computers frequently or maybe have numerous devices that you access the lessons on all this will be the same across them all.

To access this page, you will now see a small clock in the header. Each time you view a lesson page you will now see the image for this page, the date you last visited, how many times you have visited this page, the category the lesson is in, and a link back to the page.

Learn more about the All Access Pass.

John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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