How to Use the Interactive Tabs in All Access

One of the most helpful pieces of technology in the All Access Pass is the Soundslice Interactive Tabs. When the All Access Pass debuted back in 2014 I knew I had to get this technology working on the site as it can really help you when trying to learn different licks and solos.

In the All Access Pass there are over 200 Soundslice Interactive Tabs to help your blues and slide playing. You can gain immediate access to all of these when you become a member. Learn more about Membership

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5 thoughts on “How to Use the Interactive Tabs in All Access”

  1. That was an excellent post as I now know that Membership offers so much more than just access to the videos that you’ve put together over the years. If my hands still obeyed my instructions I would definitely sign up. I’m grateful that you still send me your videos to enjoy and I still play a bit of slide on occasion (which I learned from your Slide Course).

    Thanks John

  2. John, Is this a new feature??

    I was a member before, but left because there wasn’t a way to loop licks. Looping licks is really helpful to me in off a to reapeat and learn.


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