1. how much do you think string gauge effects tone

    I’ve been playing for about a year and started and still use .15s
    but played a friends guitar with 9s and it was effortless and could do crazy bends

    what do you use?

    1. I think string gauge matters a lot. I use .011s and .010s. Anything below .010s seems very thin sounding to me. If you can’t play them though then id doesn’t matter. Use what feels comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend using .015s. That’s just way too big unless your playing lap steel.

  2. I use an Sx ash telecaster thinline guitar… and its like wow, amazing. its cheaper than any squier product, and it can beat some fender by Mexico… very good blues’ rock guitar. ok but isnt my guitar had some cons? ofcourse it had but. with some modifying it s better and better now. quality of tree makes ride up the tone… but really tone was good with the stock pickups. Staying tune is a problem but; buy new saddles then dont look at your back. stuck dimarzio pickups but i think seymours will be a good heal for the tone…

    short story: use an SX ash thinline telecaster

  3. another good guitar choise is the dearmond m-66. you can find these on ebay for around 100.00-200.00. really fat tone les paul style and duel humbuckers

  4. The new Vintage series of guitars are excellent,especially the Lemon Drop.Based on Peter Green`s famous guitar,with the PG mod`s ready to go.Very decent tone,hardware and feel for around £300,unbeatable!
    If that`s still out of your budget you can pick up any of the other Vintages(with wilkinson hardware and Pickups)for around £150.
    I play through a JetCity JCA 2112 Combo(all tube,with spring reverb),that and the Lemon Drop cost me just over £500 and people always comment on my tone.
    Great site by the way :)

  5. not anywhere near as experienced as you John, either playing or with gear but.. I have a blues junior and it’s blown out twice, and it’s really way loud for me, even with the master control.. so I went back to my Roland Cube 30, and finally figured out the trick is to ignore the effects and run pedals thru the JC clean channel…WOW. 90% as good as the fender at low levels for less than half the price (on ebay) of the pro even. Plus, and to me this is a big plus.. a line in and headphone jack, so I can run backing tracks straight thru from you tube into the phones with the guitar mixed in! and fwiw the effects will do until you get your pedals sorted out….yeah yeah, “tubes man”, well on a budget they are luxury and will blow, this thing is a tank, one for sale now for $120 on ebay, that is a lot for your money.. my 2 cents, love your style man, think I’ll finally pony up with that coupon!

  6. I’ve got a PRS SE Custom 24 and a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow. Both are reasonably priced, are comfortable to play and sound great. The Semi-Hollow is really good for a B.B. King-style blues tone, while the 24 is good for Les Paul sounds. The 24 has a nice growl too when you add a bit of overdrive.

  7. Hey John,
    I just got a Deluxe Reverb on your recommendation (along with realizing how many artists I love use this amp). I like the sound I get on on my neck pickup with the treble at 3 and the bass at 6. Its a very warm, mellow, clean tone that I like playing with blues and jazz. I also like the growl I get when I start taking the volume past 6, but then the bass on the bottom two strings just booms and has no real definition. Could a similar speaker change help, or should I turn down the bass a little when pushing a Deluxe Reverb Reissue past volume 6?

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