Learn slide guitar: Developing a soulful slide guitar style

Are you tired of playing the same old slide guitar licks? Is your playing suffering from no soul? Well I can tell you I’ve been there. With any guitar style there are times when you must find new inspiration to break out of those ruts. In this slide guitar lesson, I’ll give you 3 “must know” tips to break you out of that rut, and help you develop a soulful slide guitar style.

Tip 1

Listen to some Jazz!

Jazz music is a constant improvising style of music. More than any other style, there is freedom without limits. I have just started listening to Wes Montgomery: The Incredible Jazz Guitar. It’s an amazing guitar. Sure It will probably be too hard too learn a lot of his licks on the slide guitar, but you may can pick up some nice melodies and get inspired!

Tip 2

Practice things you can’t play.

How often do you sit down to practice and begin playing everything you already know. It’s alright I do it too. Next time you practice, start off by playing a lick you’re not too good at, or creating a new lick. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in no time at all.

Tip 3

Practice to a metronome or backing track.

This is a key tip. Try to always play in time. Rhythm is the most important thing of all really. Your greatest melody will not sound good if you can’t play it in time with the beat. Backing tracks are great which will allow you to practice with a full band all the time. In my Slide Guitar DVDs , I include full instrumentation backing tracks to practice along with.
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John W Tuggle
John W Tuggle

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