1. I just purchased the blues guitar course. I like the way it is structured and presented. I do have a question and it is how do I superimpose the blues scale to the major scale? Do you address this in the course? Also what about the 1-6-2-5 chord progressions; how do I use what I’ve learnt to solo over such a chord progression?

  2. Thanks! I believe I talk about that some in Blues Guitar Method 5. Move the Blues Scale back 3 frets and you can use it in conjunction with a Major Scale. Sounds like country blues. If you’re playing in E, take the E Blues Scale and move back three frets. You are now starting on the C# note on the 9th fret.

    I don’t really talk about the 1-6-2-5 progression very much, but when that comes up you just go to your major pentatonic or BB position and you will sound like BB, Clapton, Duane Allman, SRV and these style. If you start running arpeggios you entering into more a jazz realm which this course is not designed for.

    Hope that makes sense.



  3. Hi John,
    I am a fan of your lessons, they are great!
    I am a slow study of Open E Slide Guitar.
    My goal is to play in a Gospel/Blues band.
    You have Tabs for the scales in some of the Keys in Open E tuning.
    My question is I wish I could get all of the tabs for the scales of the most popular keys
    in Gospel and Blues.
    Is this possible to get!

    1. Thanks! I don’t have scale layouts for open e tuning. In my course I teach mostly how to use patterns and intervals to play slide as that’s how I play mainly. I don’t really think about scales when playing slide but like I said, patterns and chord tones.

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