If you’ve never heard of Joe Bonamassa, then odds are you are not current with what’s happening with blues music.  You owe it to yourself to check out this amazing guitar player.  He has chops like Stevie and Jimi, but can also play 3 notes that with the feeling of an old bluesman.
Joe Bonamassa has been playing and touring for years, and now he has finally reached a point that most would call pretty successful, which is pretty hard in the music industry these days.

BB King has played a major role in helping Joe keep his eye on what’s important to be become successful.  Joe first played with BB when he was around 13 and made a huge impression on the King of the Blues.  He would later record an album with Tom Dowd, the Legendary producer of “Live at the Fillmore East”.

Now Joe has reached another milestone.  He will be headlining the Royal Albert Hall in London on May 4, 2009. This is quite an achievement to say the least.  This is the same place Cream played their last 2 shows in 1968.  Now Joe will take a stab becoming one of the premier guitar players in the modern blues scene along side of Derek Trucks, and John Mayer.

If you have never heard Joe Bonamassa, then watch the video below and tell me your opinion of Joe.

It’s pretty amazing what Joe can do with the guitar.  I think he’s a total original, but then what do I know.  Let me know what you think of Joe right below this post.

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