Bloomfield Slow Blues Solo – Podcast 44


1 thought on “Bloomfield Slow Blues Solo – Podcast 44

  1. Hey John…. i’m an older guy, 69, and messed around with guitar 40 years ago and quit. but, i took it up seriously a couple of years ago and i want to tell you how much i appreciate your site.
    But I am writing to thank you for producing a Michael Bloomfield lesson. He has been my hero since my south texas high school days in the 1960’s. unfortunately, he left us at a young age and never fully established himself in the mainstream so he is often pass over and ignored in various teaching venues. it is very hard to find teaching resources on MB. the fact that you would sit down and transcribe some of his work, in my humble opinion, places your course on a completely different level. Everyone does Clapton and all the major names but digging down and pulling some Bloomfield out of your back pocket has really impressed me. Ck out Albert’s Shuffle and Texas….and so many others…
    thanks again
    Mike Young

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