BB King in Open E Tuning Slide

In this lesson, I want to show you a little about playing like BB King when playing Open E Tuning Slide Guitar. This lesson is in the key of A.

To learn more about playing like BB King, check out my full course about him. I’ve also put together a 10 hour course on learning open e tuning slide guitar that will help you to get started learning this style.

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7 thoughts on “BB King in Open E Tuning Slide”

  1. Great podcast John. I’ve been playing almost 4 years now and your video’s definitely helped me get rolling. I play at some bars in DC now twice a week and its been really awesome. Since I started I’ve always focused on learning to improv, and staying away really from playing things note for note, but now I think its time to go back and learn a lot of these slide standards, mostly out of respect for these guys and also to gain some further insight into what they were trying to do and how they did it.

    What is your general advice to someone who is no longer a novice but definitely no master in slide and looking to take it to the next level?

    • I would say to learn where your intervals are at all over the place, then try to play over all different types of music in open e tuning. Next, gig as much as possible, play with people that are better than you, and transcribe licks that you want to learn form whatever artist. I did this with Derek Trucks for a couple of years. Really hard!

  2. John

    Have you ever covered or transcribed the slide solo…End of the Line. Having some challenges with it.

    Also….ever do private lessons. Would have to be on line/Skype since I am in Boston.


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