Blues Techniques

Learn how to get the best tone out of your left and right hands, as well as MUST KNOW techniques to play blues lead guitar like SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Johnny Winter and more. Running time is 4.5 hours.

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I’ll show you exactly how to learn and use these techniques to create an improvisational style similar to Clapton, BB, SRV, Hendrix and many more.

This Course Includes

4.5 Hours of HD Multicam Video
18 Pages of PDF Tabs
3 Backing Tracks

Tone Starts in the Hands. If you don”t have good technique, you won’t hear how good your amp, guitar, and effects can sound.

Learning these techniques will allow you to sound more professional, polished and it will be so much easier to FEEL and TRANSLATE emotion to the notes when you’re not struggling just to PLAY them.

Lesson Index


Gear and Tuning

Lesson 1 – The Left Hand

Lesson 2 – The Right Hand

Lesson 3 – Understanding Rhythm

Lesson 4 – 5 Blues Exercises

Lesson 5 – Bending

Lesson 6 – Bending Examples

Lesson 7 – Vibrato

Lesson 8 – Raking

Lesson 9 – Blues Extras


  1. Fred in Katy Texas

    Blues Techniques 2 DVD Course

    Thanks John for another excellent course. The bending exercises are some something that I have incorporated into my everyday practice sessions.

    Although I have already went through both CD’s I constantly go back and review and practice the techniques you provided.

    This is another must have Blues course to add to my growing Blues library from John Tuggle.

  2. Jean-Christophe in Paris France

    Blues Techniques

    Definitely the best course!

    John is not only a great teacher but also a great blues guitar player
    It’s very very pleasant to learn with John

    Thanks you very much you ‘re the best!

  3. Bob in Canada

    I was just finishing up listening to John last night, since I play all courses before taking them on, and I really like his approach and style.

    He really just gets to the point and the playing and camera angles just make this so easy to follow. I think he is one of the best teachers of the blues out there and I love his material.

  4. Luis Ramírez in South Amboy, NJ


    The best technique training ever!

  5. Jacek in Warszawa, Poland

    Hi, John,

    I’ve been playing for many years and actually I see my level as much higher than in the Blues Techniques.

    But… it never harms you to get down to the basics. So I did it and I already can see some improvements. Thanks!

    best regards,

  6. MudDaddtyDelta

    Hey John, Another fantastic set of lessons. These lessons have helped my playing in a major way, not only does my playing sound better, my speed and more importantly (to me) my phrasing and timing are vastly improved. Blues Techniques is not only a great primer for John’s other blues lessons it also is a set of lessons getting back to fundamentals. I’m looking forward to the next set of lessons. Thanks again John.

  7. Guy P in Newcastle, NSW. Australia

    Blues Technique Course

    Just going thru’ the lessons now. Enjoyed the Left Hand lesson where it’s all about finger placement at the fret to get that full, clear tone. Very good and simple advice.

    Right Hand is an oldie – muting and alternate picking. I am pretty much up on that.

    More lessons to go but I’ll take my time to digest and OWN it. Good so far.

  8. Rainer Altmann in Germany

    Back to my old guitar

    Hi John, greetings from Cologne to you and your team.

    The teaching method of listening ,watching and repeating
    has made me unpack my old Grover Jackson Washburn guitar and practicing every day at least 1 hour.

    The speed of progressing in the lessons is very comfortable for me (63 years old).

    Looking forward to the next chapters I´d like to say thank you to all of your team

  9. Michael in Cary NC

    Back to basics

    I love how John takes you back through the basics in this course to improve the cleanliness and articulation.

    It really helped my playing and allowed the licks and phrases to carry the emotion I am hearing in my head.

    I almost skipped this one, but glad I didn’t.

  10. Gerald Thibault in Canada


    I have improved a lot since the beginning with you John

    Thanks you for your educational talent.

  11. Bill in Missouri

    Well thought out course, the blues techniques are demonstrated very thoroughly with plenty of learning tips along the way. Slow motion action of the techniques are also included which is a great learning aid.

    This is probably one of the best blues techniques videos courses available if you truly want to learn how to do them properly.

  12. John Latch in Houston, Tx

    The Real Deal

    I’ve tried several Blues & slide courses from John & these actually show & teach you things you can actually use on a gig or in a studio!

    I have his slide courses and recently purchased the Blues Technique course. The first lick was a great lick & everyone after that one, I’ve used in my playing.

    Most bang for your buck here.

  13. Ad in the Netherlands

    Indeep lessons about technique, very understandable, good video quality, the best DVD about techniques for electric blues guitar I know. Thank you, John

  14. Terry K in Canada

    These lessons are absolutely GREAT. John teaches in a simple progressive way and gets the message across as to what you need to do to be a successful Blues player.

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