Here are the most common questions people have in regards to the lessons at Learning Guitar Now.


My Video Download Won’t Open. What Do I Do?

To open a video you have downloaded after purchase, you must first extract it from the zip file.

To extract a video file from a zip simply,

1. Double click the zip file.

2. Click and drag the video to where you want to store it. The easiest place to remember is the desktop.

Where do I Download my files after the purchase of a Download Lesson?

If you purchased a Download Lesson then all downloads associated with your order are located in your Account Area in the Downloads tab.

My Downloads

Why can’t I open the GPX files?

The GPX files which are Guitar Pro files come with the Download versions of the lessons. These files are not required to learn the lesson but I include them anyway due to customer requests. To view these files you will need the Guitar Pro program. The Guitar Pro program does not come with the lessons purchased at LGN.

If I purchase the Download version do I get Streaming Access?

No. The only way to get streaming access to the lessons is to join the All Access Pass

Can I download to an Android device?

Yes. If you purchase a download lesson then you can download the videos and materials to an Android device. I have not tested all of them but I have successfully downloaded to a Samsung S5.
I recommend using the VLC for Android player to view the videos as you will have chapter marker support as well as slow motion.

My files won’t download what is the problem?

Downloading large video files can take a little while and depending on your internet speed and how you have things set up can impact the file from downloading properly.
If you are having problems downloading a file, your first step is to re start your computer. Then, make sure you do not have any download helpers enabled, delete the failed attempts and try to download the file again.
If you are still having problems, contact support.

Where are the Download links in the email receipt?

After a purchase of a download lesson, you will not receive links in an email to download the material. You will need to visit your My Account area to download your files.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Course I purchased?

Yes. Contact me within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.

What materials do the Download lessons include?

All download lessons include a Quicktime video, PDF Tabs, Guitar Pro Files, and mp3 backing tracks.

Can I download the lessons to my iPad?

Not really but if you use a 3rd party app like Documents 5 you will be able to download them to your iPad.

What kind of videos are the Download Lessons?

The download lessons are Quicktime videos and work best with the Quicktime or VLC player. By using either of these players you will be able to access the chapter markers within each course. This makes it easier to jump to different lessons much easier.


How fast of an Internet connection do I need to purchase a Download?

The Download lessons are anywhere from 1gb – 1.7gb per video and require a download speed of at least 5 mbps.

All Access

Why does my Subscription Order say Processing?

Processing for a subscription order means that your order went through and is currently Active. This status will not change as if a subscription order was completed then that would mean it was over. This may be a little confusing but that is the way the software was written.

I cancelled my subscription but now it says Pending Cancellation. What does this mean?

When you cancel a subscription it will remain in Pending Cancellation until your subscription time frame has ended. This is to ensure that you will still have access for the full 30 days that you have paid for. After the full 30 days your subscription will automatically go into Cancelled and you will lose access and will not be charged. If you purchased a Yearly, then the exact same process will take effect but instead of 30 days, it will be for however long until your Yearly subscription runs out.

How do I Reactivate my All Access Pass Subscription?

If your subscription has expired, you can always resubscribe as follows.

1. Visit your Subscriptions area – My Subscription
2. Click the View Button under My Subscriptions
3. Click the Resubscribe button.

If there is no resubscribe button then contact me for more info.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, visit https://www.learningguitarnow.com/my-account/subscriptions/
Next, click the View button under My Subscriptions then click the cancel button.

Why can’t I log in to the Forum?

To log into the Forum you will need to log in using your username and not your email address. If you didn’t choose a username during your account creation then your username will probably be your email address without the @gmail or whatever you use.
testing124@gmail username would be
If your username does not work then try the email address you have on file with your account. All the forum logins are linked to your store account.

I bought a subscription a while back and want to renew it but don’t see the renew button?

If you purchased a subscription and you want to renew that one, but there is no renew button please contact me to have that setup for you. After the website migration some subscriptions lost the ability to renew the original subscription.

I keep receiving, unable to find this video, what do I do?

You probably need to clear the cache of your browser.



Can I get the lessons on a DVD?

All DVDs have been discontinued so there is no way to get the Courses in this format. There simply is not enough demand to justify all the extra time and costs to make DVDs available.

Do you teach how to play any popular songs?

At this time ​I don’t have any song lessons as you have to obtain a license to teach them. The license are very hard to get and for me almost impossible so I don’t try to get them anymore.

How can I purchase lessons at Learning Guitar Now?

Lessons can be purchased by Download or by an All Access Pass.