New Video Feedback


A new feature of the All Access Pass I have just added is Video Feeback.

When you become a member, you’ll have the ability to get direct video feedback from me. You will just need to post an audio or video in the Forum section, then I’ll post a video giving you some pointers as I listen or watch your performance.

You can also post your performance in the new Private Coaching area if you only want the comments to be between you and me. Some may not want other members in the forum watching their performance and seeing the feedback I give for various reasons so this eliminates that problem.

Having this kind of feedback is invaluable I think and really gets you closer to the private lesson experience.

With all the new technology out there I’m able to record these videos and post them almost instantly which means it won’t take any editing and the long post-production process that goes into my Courses and Lessons.

This feature is available now for all members of the All Access Pass.

If you struggle with improving your blues guitar playing, then this system of learning will work if you put in the practice.