NEW Lick of the Month Series

A new series will be starting this Friday called the Lick of the Month. I’m sure you’re probably saying in your head, “Another random lick to learn. Seen it before.” But I’m going to be creating these licks with a different focus than the other licks I have created. These licks will be fairly short but will show you how to apply an overall concept that you can apply to your improvising.

I plan on spending about 10-15 minutes explaining how the lick can be used and where it comes from. Since these will utilize the Interactive Soundslice technology there won’t be a lot of me explaining what string and finger I’m using, ( although I will comment briefly about that ) but there will be more of an emphasis on what you should take away from this lick.

In the past I have taught licks in the courses based on the material that was taught in the course. These licks will not have to rely on that material as the All Access Pass contains all of the prerequisite material required to fully grasp the techniques and concepts I’ll be referring to and will have links to related material and further learning below the lesson.

Without having to worry about what the student already knows, I will be able to talk freely about whatever I like without fear of someone not understanding it. If they don’t understand it, as described above I can reference material in the All Access Pass for them to work on that material.

I feel as though this will be a highly intuitive learning session and the first one will arrive Friday September 23rd. The first lick that I will focus on is a John Mayer Gravity Style lick that will help you to learn how to switch between rhythm and lead.

You can gain access to the Lick of the Month by becoming an All Access Pass subscriber. Learn more