New Duane Allman Course Coming Soon

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This course is now available in the All Access Pass.

Happy 2017 everyone!

To kick off the new year I’ll be releasing a new Duane Allman course where you will learn a solo in the style of Stormy Monday and some other Duane Allman goodies. Live at the Fillmore East has always been one of my favorite albums and teaching a solo in this style is a great way to start off 2017 I believe.

Tentative Lesson Index

Lesson 1 – Guitar Tone
Rhythm Tone
Lead Tone
Lesson 2 – Rhythm Guitar Lesson
Lesson 3 – 6 Bending Exercises
Lesson 4 – Stormy Monday Style Solo

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258 thoughts on “New Duane Allman Course Coming Soon”

    1. Duane was and still is, all these years later, the man. Even Joe Walsh learned from Skydog. He passed way to soon.

      Good job John.

    2. Love the solo on Please call home! Stormy Monday just has everything you need in a great solo, Dickies is great too!

  1. My favourite solo of Duane’s is his solo from Stormy Monday. It’s absolute perfection.

  2. When Duane threw down with Boz Scaggs on Loan me a Dime will always be fresh, no matter how matter how many times I’ve listened to it

    1. All of Duane’s solos were my favorites, but his solo on ‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ from the Live at the Fillmore album, as much as any other solo, captures the essence of Duane’s fire & intensity.

  3. Stormy Monday is my favorite! I am looking forward to seeing Jon’s take on the lesson. I have several of his lessons already and find his teaching style excellent. He not only gives you the “how” but in many cases also the “why”. This helped me to become a thinking player instead of a repetition technician. Thanks Jon!

  4. Definetly Duane’s take on Stormy Monday – one of my favourite Bluesmen & my favourite Blues Song

  5. I’m going to have to go with Stormy Monday too. Lots of versions of it out there and Duane’s is way up there with the best.

  6. Thomas Knickelbine

    Stormy Monday live at the Filmore East 1971. Both Dwayne and Dickey at their absolute peak! I love this solo by Dwayne because he’s picking. I’ve been trying to work on this solo and it is not easy – until now thanks to John.

  7. Sheldon Opperman MD

    Saw Duane and the boys in Central Park right after Live From The Fillmore East Album was released. One of the best guitarists of all times. I would be thrilled to even approach playing a solo in his style.

  8. I have tried many guitar lesson sites and still do use some along with John’s site..
    Without a doubt I have found “” the hands down best site for learning any and all of the best electric blues- rock styles and licks which I have always loved.
    What makes this site so exceptional besides it’s accurate presentations as well as amazing selection but the real emotion and true soulful feel of the,Lick as John plays them are intense motivators for learning this intensely emotional music…it just sucks u to into want to play it I”immediately” as he plays through it.
    Originally I would see/ hear a great free lesson on YouTube and would rush for my guitar to learn it…at that point I had no idea this guy who was teaching such great slide and standard playingstles also had a website……..I have travelled light years in my playing since finding this site and I had already been playing over 20 yrs…
    Than u so much for making this incredible site available for all us older blues and rockers as well as those hungry young players who cab FINDIT ALL RIGHT HERE.
    Thank u so much John

  9. Radames Gonzalez

    That’s funny because I just spent a couple of weeks listening to The Allman brothers band and I will have to say that the best solo I heard other than Stormy Monday is Jelly Jelly.

  10. The solo from “Stormy Monday” has a very special meaning to me. I had just recently bought the double-LP “Live at Fillmore East” and at the age of 19 I had started to study at the University of Lund. “Stormy Monday” became a very emotional song for me cause one evening in autumn 1972 my mother called me on the phone a told me that my grandfather had passed away. He was a grandfather that meant very much to me and I remember I sat alone in my small room far away from home and played “Stormy Monday” over and over again on my record player. It would surely be great to try to play that song by myself.

  11. Layla…the outro solo. This has been stuck in everyone’s head at some point, perfectly singable slide solo!

  12. VERY HARD to pick a single favorite of Duane’s. I mean OMG – pretty much anything/everything on Live at Fillmore East, and the work on Layla and Other Assorted Loves Songs in Derek & the Dominos – some of the most epic guitar work around in my opinion, even after all these years. Duane’s slide is second to none. His fast licks are great but I think his slower more melodic stuff is even better. Stormy Monday is certainly a GREAT example. And I think just as important is how well Duane’s playing always found that perfect groove with other lead guitar players like Dicky Betts and Eric Clapton on all that dueling solo work he did in both bands. I’ve been listening to Duane (since the early 70s). Unfortunately I didnt get to see Duane perform live. The first time I saw The ABB was in Denver, from VERY close, on their tour between when Duane was gone and Berry was still with us. Back in the good old days when a stadium concert w ABB headlining set you back about $5.00

    John’s solo lessons are always AWESOME and I especially like all of his Allman Bros work. Can’t wait to see the whole lesson John!!!

  13. Thanks John, I’m new to the blues so haven’t heard of Duane Allman, will be looking him up right away.
    Best regards

  14. Hans van den Hurk

    Wauw, again we’ll see a great new course being published by you and actually one regarding one of my all favorite songs.. looking forward to this!!
    Greetz Hans

  15. Favorite? – easy one — Stormy Monday. I have learned a lot from each of you lesson I have purchased from you. Count me in!

  16. Sweet! I love a good Stormy Monday.. Elezabeth Reed & Dreams are some of my top favs! HUGE Derek fan as well! Thank you John!

  17. Kevin Sutherland

    Any solo in the studio sessions with Eric Clapton…
    they were both on fire!
    the first true BROMANCE

  18. There are allot of great solos, but Statesboro blues has to be a favorite. Eric Clapton was so impressed with his solo with Wilson Pickett on Hey Jude, he called the record company to find out who was playing. They told him, some guy named Sky Dog.

  19. Just finished Greg Allman’s book. Highly recommend it as it gives great incite to a truly dysfunctional band that just kept going. I cannot imagine if Duane had lived to give us more. He did more in 4 years than most can do in 2 lifetimes.

  20. As with choosing a favorite artist, it is almost impossible to choose a favorite song. Virtually all of Duane’s work was impeccable but Statesboro Blues and Stormy Monday stand out as his best recorded works. Thank you John for putting together the Stormy Monday Course for those of us who have net yet found the time to take up slide guitar!

  21. Love Your Work John! My wife is from Macon Ga. Years ago, before the metal fence was constructed around Duane and Oakley’s graves, I went to the site and played Little Martha on my old Gibson and sent him thanks! Here is the quote on his tombstone,
    “I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can. I will take love wherever I find it and offer it to everyone who will take it. . . seek knowledge from those wiser and teach those who wish to learn from me.”
    I know you can relate to these fine words!

  22. Few people are able to capture the essence of Duane Allman’s style. John does just that. During the actual lessons, he breaks it down and gets the point across without beating you over the head and he does not include extra commentary.

  23. Sammy Criscitello

    One of my all-time favorite songs! Can’t wait to get an SG soon for these Allman tunes.

    Thanks for making this lesson!

  24. John’s lessons are like Derek or Duane are sitting there with you, teaching it themselves!

  25. Beautiful playing as always, John. Off the top of my head, I think Desdemona is my fave Duane solo. Of course Stormy Monday is right up there. Also love Dreams but don’t recall if Duane solos there. As someone above posted, I really like that you are teaching Duane’s non-slide pieces because slide is a whole other world that I haven’t had time to explore.

    I’m also into faux slide transpositions where slides gives the slight flavor of an actual slide. But for me, alternate turnings are a bit of a barrier because I’m still trying to work on nailing the fretboard in standard before expanding into open G,E! etc.

  26. My favorite Duane Allman solo is from the first Allman Brothers song that I ever heard, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”. We were at a dance in a high school gym (bad acoustics … bad dancing too but that’s another story), I was 13, and when I heard the first few notes, I thought that it was a re-recording of “Black Magic Woman” but just a few more notes and I knew that it was something that I’d not heard before. I bought “Live at the Fillmore” a few weeks after that and my musical world opened up so much more.

  27. Stoked about this! After getting the “not my cross to bear lesson ” which was outstanding!”. Love to be one of the winners!!!. No one more qualified to teach on Duane Allman than you John Tuggle. Thanks again for being a great blues guitar teacher!

  28. Jeff Duck Durham

    Duane could play a wet noodle with a toilet paper roll and it would blow us all away! Thats how good that cat was! Just imagine how good He’d be if he was still with us. RIP
    For Me his 2nd solo on you don’t love me

  29. Anthony Clemmons

    ‘Blue Sky’ is my favorite Duane solo. One of my favorites of Dickey’s too. Their interplay is incredible. It is impossible to say Duane’s tone is the “best” ever, but it is certainly my favorite, and it is what I hear in my head when I think about music. Not a ton of flash, but his playing is intense and relaxed. It’s as good as I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait to check out the course. Everything you’ve done has been fantastic, John. Keep it up!

  30. John, of all the teachers I have seen teaching the style of Duane you are the most authentic one anywhere. This solo captures Duane’s style and vibe to a T! As an All Access Pass member you can count me in on this one for sure! Great work as always! P.S. I’m old enough to have seen the original Allman Brothers- saw them on June 26, 1971 @ Fillmore East and they played until 7AM. To this day still the best concert I have ever been too!

  31. I think first of all it is very important when listening to the Allman brothers that you can differentiate the two lead guitar players in order to answer this
    I have listened enough to know when it’s Duane and when it’s dickey
    Duane was known for his slide guitar but was also a phenomenal lead guitar player his bends feeling and note selection timing were beyond most just jaw dropping
    I personally love the Duane Allman anthology one and two but to stay within the Fillmore east album I would have to say the leads on you don’t love me

  32. You don’t love me and One way out are some of my faves. They’re all great, it’s hard to pick just one. Thanks.

  33. I’ve tried some lessons from this site and enjoyed them. I’m hopeful for the chance to try more.

  34. I got my first bottleneck/slide after hearing Duane, glad to see John is willing and able to teach some of Duane’s style and approach to guitar. Like so many others here, finding just “one”solo is almost impossible, but “Statesboro Blues” is pretty hard to top.

  35. If you can get your ears on isolated tracks for Layla I suggest you do!

    Great stuff and includes both Duane and EC tracks and solo efforts.

  36. Hi John,
    As always a spot on lesson. Great job. You really make that guitar sing. I wish when I added vibrato to my bends it sounded like yours, so much power and your rakes
    are superb. Thank you for the time you put into your lessons

  37. Duane Allman is my all time favorite guitarist. I’ve learned your first Duane solo and can’t wait to learn more. I can only hope someday you will do a lesson on his part on the Boz Scaggs version of Loan Me A Dime. Great stuff!

  38. Excited about this lesson. My style really developed when I was younger from playing along with Allman Brothers albums. Favorite Duane solo is on One Way Out. Keep up the great work!

  39. Love Duane’s Stormy Monday solo but listen to him tear it up on Hot ‘Lanta from At Fillmore East. Smokin’!!!

  40. Armando Jazzming

    Every Blues player has his signature style. If you love Duane it’s all of it. The heart, the sorrow, the bends. Slide or not it always bleeds Blues. My favorite is John he capture the gold and teaches us how to achieve it. Thank you

  41. I recently bought the Duane Cross to Bear style solo. I’ve not been able to play due to a surgery I had in November. John your explanation and teaching of the courses are great and easy to follow.I can’t wait to be able to start. The sweet sound of Duane is unlike anything else. I would love to learn more and hope I win the contest.

  42. Elizabeth Reed!!!!
    and I was at the Filmore East for that historic live recording!!!!!
    Thanks John for Keeping the flame burning and teaching this amazing player!!!!!

  43. Duane Allman is one of the most soulful players to walk the face of this earth. If his music doesn’t touch your soul, I feel sorry for you. I own all of your DVD’S and can not seem to get enough of the Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts, Derrick Trucks, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and the Three Kings. I bet this new course on Stormy Monday is fantastic.

  44. One of my favorite Duane Allman solos is on Clarence Carter’s “Road of Love”. Duane plays a short but powerful slide solo that is right on!

  45. John, I have your slide lessons and really enjoy your teaching. I’m pretty new at playing lead but I’ve learned enough to be able to appreciate your clean and accurate playing. I’m also impressed with your continual improvement of your site and the double cameras on your left and right hands. I’ve neglected my pick/picking hand for years and just only recently figured out that, yes, I play with two hands and I need to work on both.

  46. John Tuggle is the gold standard in guitar instruction. Every lesson is meticulously planned and then delivered in segments that are just the right length. He constructs the lessons in such a way that if you keep working, you find yourself one day soon playing songs you never dreamed you would play. Stop imagining that you can play the guitar. Get on the Tuggle train.

  47. My fovorte Duane solo is on, ” You Don’t Love Me” on the, ” Live At The Filmore East” album.
    Sure do miss him.

  48. Hmmm, let’s see, there’s Dreams, Lone Me A Dime, Hey Jude (Clapton’s favorite), Layla, Whipping Post, Blue Sky, Stormy Monday,,,,,,okay today, I’ll choose Lone Me a Dime…

  49. You just played it, I am a sucker for slow blues and Duane’s version of Stormy Monday is a classic.

  50. I have a number of courses from John and this one looks like a perfect companion to his Dickey Betts course.

  51. The entire “Live at the Filmore East” album was all the songs I loved to listen to when it came out and to this day is my favorite album.

  52. Wow.. what great playing, looks like a fantastic lesson, I like that meter you have on the bottom of your screen, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Was that something you came up with?

  53. The man was one of a kind. If you’ve read or heard of his resolution for being a better man in 1969, you’ll marvel at the pearls produced by a 22 year old. As far as solos are concerned, how do you choose? There are too many from which to pick, but Whipping Post from the Fillmore always satisfies.

  54. There are so many great solos to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one… certainly Stormy Monday is among my own top favorites. I’m sure that you have done a great job on this course. It will surely be filled with a great amount of insight as well as cool lessons for all that have access to it…

  55. NEW Duane Allman Course, that is one sweet contest.

    The solo and backing track came out a winner. I enjoyed the clip and will watch it a few more times.

  56. beautifully done

    the visual chord progression and the close up of your fretting hand makes it easy for us to play along with you and hone the timing

  57. Hi dear John,
    usefull and helpfull for learning the Blues on guitar like your entire work. You are one of the best online teachers I found, I´m working with your stuff since years.
    Thankyou so much!
    best wishes,
    sincerely yours
    from Germany

  58. I believe John that you have now choosen
    the great solo in this course.
    Stormy Monday is also my favourite Duane solo.
    Thanks for all your great work.

  59. Everytime I think I have a favorite I listen to “East” and pick another. So I guess this ones my favorite until I can walk across the room and put in the cd.

  60. It’s hard to pick just one, so I will choose one with slide and one without slide. Statesboro Blues for slide and Stormy Monday without slide – can’t go wrong with any Duane Allman solo though. Can’t wait to get this lesson along with all of the tools you provide – keep up the great work John and keep these blues lessons “in the style of” coming!

  61. First, on behalf of his community, a great thanks to John for painstakingly developing the courses and lessons that provide us the ability to elevate and become more of ‘one’ with the guitar.

    Second, it’s such a tragedy that Duane was snuffed out at such an early age. Incredible that 24 year old man left such a tremendous body of work in a short period.

    Third, picking his best solo is near impossible. His track on Blue Sky demonstrates the melodic, soulful nature in his playing which is also found in Little Martha. Liz Reed at the Fillmore is probably the most powerful and virtuosic of all his recordings. Duane’s Liz Reed solo and Clapton’s 2nd solo on Crossroads from Wheels of Fire are perhaps my two favorites of all time. Yet, there’s a common phrase or understanding of “Less is More”. Hence, Duane’s slow blues solo over Dickey’s simple arpeggio on Mountain Jam tends to encapsulate it all. The solo is simple and Duane seemed to have dug deep in his soul to begin with a soft touch and ultimately ended in a powerful crescendo all the while maintaining simplicity and showing the world his heart – Less in More.

  62. Key to the Highway with Duane Allman & Eric Clapton…such a sweet slide on an impromptu 9 minute song

  63. 01062017

    My favorite slide solo is on the outtake to the Fillmore Sessions-Drunken Hearted Boy-with Elvin Bishop at 6:00 a.m. after playing through the night. It continues to inspire me.

    1. That’s a fun story – Duane recommended Wilson do the song cuz he had learned it. No takers – didn’t think the song was right for Wilson. Duane recorded it at a break in session for Wilson Pickett and it was so good that Wilson decided it sing the song over Duane’s version in the studio after they got from break and of course it was a hit!

  64. It has to be stormy Monday featuring Eric Clapton live great song would love to learn how to play it .

  65. For me it has to be between “Goin’ Down Slow” from “An Anthology” in ’72 or “Loan Me a Dime” with Boz Scaggs in ’69. Both have that slow blues feel that really lets the emotion shine through. Although, “The Weight” with Aretha Franklin features some fantastic slide work!! I guess there are too many to choose a favorite!!

  66. I always hoped I would get to see them if they ever stopped in Kansas City or Wichita but that never happened. When I went to college I used to introduce people to their first albums or Dered & the Dominos as ‘the best guitarist you missed seeing live.’ IT is nigh to impossible to select a favorite solo of Duane’s, totally unrealistic to say any one was ‘best.’ I think there is a small group I might proffer: the outro solo on “You Don’t Love Me” from At the Fillmore, the “One Way Out” slide solo especially right before his solo and after trading licks with Dickey, then there is his work on ‘Mountain Jam’ and ‘Statesboro Blues’ solos also on ‘At the Fillmore’. I take back what I wrote earlier, it *is* IMPOSSIBLE!

  67. Blue sky must be my favorite solo, love Mountain Jam, but that would probably not be just “a solo”

  68. I have 2 or 3 Duane favorites in no order they are Stormy, I must have did someone wrong and Cross to bear. Hon mention Liz Reed.
    Jeez it like saying pick best Beatles tune.
    How do you exclude duane’s solo work on
    Box Scagg’s Loan me a dime. So much for my marketing ideas. You always do great, John

    As for me I’m always trying to get good tone and perfect pups.

  69. My favorite solo IS On Stormy Monday !! I am glad to see you are addressing what I believe to be one of the top 5 Blues tunes ever…the Allman Brothers version that is…

    Thank you,


  70. Harrison Zollinger

    Live at Fillmore stormy monday solo is so soulful id love to capture that emotion in a lesson!

  71. Love the Allman Brothers Southern Blues and Rock sound. My favorite track and guitar solo is Stormy Monday. I can listen to it over and over!

  72. Happy new year from France. Bravo John, you nailed it perfectly, as usual your playing is fantastic. I am now hooked at this little video, with my guitar trying to play this iconic piece of music.

  73. June 06, 1971….ZZ Top, Allman Brothers and Quicksilver at the Houston Coliseum (same show)…what a treat….Favorite solo – Stormy Monday…live at the Fillmore East 1971…….count me in…….

  74. I love Blue Sky, But Being I live right outside of Statesboro, Statesboro Blues has always been one of my Favorites.

  75. The slide work in Stateboro Blues is the yard mark and basis, to me, of all blues and rock slide guitar to achieve.

  76. One of the best is Duane’s solo on Wilson Picketts 1968 cover Hey Jude,not a lot people talk about this solo

  77. I was at the Fillmore show in NYC the nights they recorded, it’s a bank now . Stormy Monday is one of my favorite solos.

  78. great stuff… I have two of John’s courses and this one seems to be a top notch offering just like the others!

  79. Very good John! With your lessons I’m finally able to play the Allman Brothers Band.
    One of my favorite numbers played by Duane and Dickey is Don’t want you no more.

  80. Really like the way you have the beat, chord, and had them in different colors to highlight the differences. The clear picture of your hands and fingers were also very helpful. Great job.

  81. Hey John;
    For a short concise to-the-point solo it is hard to beat the slide solo from One Way Out on the Eat a Peach album.
    keep up the good work
    Dave Potter

  82. Hi there! Please give a chance to brazilian alman brothers fan to learn how to play like Duanne. Or at least understand his techiniques

  83. What else can you say about Duane’s guitar playing and his slide work.. He made a sound that is copied by just about everyone loving his music. His life
    was cut short and I wondered how is guitar playing would be by now..

  84. Like all John’s courses this course is detailed, thorough and easy to follow. He has a remarkable way of teaching the styles and sound qualities of all the great guitarist from Dwayne to BB. I have learned much just from the free emails with snippets of his course videos. I always look forward to seeing his emails in my inbox with the latest course offerings. He would never get an unsubscribe me email from me.

  85. Robert Killesteyn

    Hi John
    Thanks for your lessons
    I am working my way through Blues Method Courses
    Great stuff, learning heaps, well put together and very easy to follow
    Many Thanks
    Bob (Australia)

  86. I am a real Allman Brother fan, especially on Not My cross to. Bear. Duane set the bar high and Dickie and Warren were able to get up there. Warren Haynes along with Derek Trucks can play anything

  87. I know it’s typical, because I love the Dorian flavour on whipping post and the major sounds on blue sky!

  88. I love your courses! Well thought out and great video and tab to go with them. Easy to follow and learn

  89. Very nice solo. Would love to learn it, along with more of Duane’s slide technique. I own the slide course and love it! I cant get enough of Duane and Derek!

  90. Over the years John Tuggle has produced some masterful lessons. Dual screen with the ability to slow down for our benefit in a masterful way. Everyone has different ways in which they learn and John seems to find what works for you within the options offered.

  91. The solo after the bass solo from Mountain Jam from Eat a Peach…celestial guitar playing…Brother Duane is definitely hittin the note….

  92. Keep on picking Les Paul. Les Paul wrote that on a tee-shirt for me. This was at the Iridium.

  93. Far too many great solos to chose from, but the first one that hit me like a lightning bolt was Statesboro Blues from Live at the Fillmore…

  94. It’s a toss up between Hey Jude (Wilson Pickett) & Blue Sky. Both of those solos I could listen to, until the end of days! It gets me right in the feels!!
    Love all your teachings John. Thank-You!

  95. Wow, sounds great John. I hope the course will cover emulating that sweet tone as well. I failed to mention my favorite Duane Allman solo. That would have to be Stormy Monday.

  96. Comment Not exactly a solo, but he rips all the way thru “Somebody loan me a Dime”. Probably best example of touch & dynamics for a 10 minute song I can think of.

  97. Very nice John. I learned a lot as a young man putting on the “Live at the Fillmore” record (yes I’m that old). I really loved “Statesboro Blues”, but never had any idea of how he played it. I didn’t know he was tuned to E in my early years. Then I heard Taj Majal’s version of “Statesboro Blues”with Jesse Ed Davis and I really started trying to get more serious about slide. I got better with standard tunings but never really got comfortable with E tuning. Love watching you play, thanks for helping us learn all the cool stuff.

  98. Hoochie Coochie Man is a rockin’ variation for the signature solos like Stormy Monday, Ain’t my Cross to bear, Whipping Post. The slide choices are too many to mention and i thought I’d stick to this style. Just a great variation of that solo making your own. Well played (literally) sir. His Bozz Skaggs and dominoes sessions are all special.

  99. Steve Nightingale

    Many of us own Expensive Guitar because we can. Only a few of us ever invest in our skills to become better players so the expensive guitar becomes alive with beautiful music. John makes that happen with this teaching and affordable private lessons in our own homes.

  100. The best Duane Allman solo has got to be the one from the ’71 Atlanta Pop Festival off Stormy Monday.

  101. John has a no nonsense easy to understand teaching style. I have been playing for many years but I still pick up a thing or two when I watch his lessons. How about teaching your version of You don’t love me? Like you did for Not my cross to bear, I picked up a few nice licks in that one that I’ve modified for my own playing style. Thats kind of the idea, right? Never stop learning!

  102. My favorite solo is the acoustic solo guitar of “Little Martha” it shows a different skill set and Duane’s ability to write/create an incredible song, and it shows the talent of both Duane and Dickey Betts to lay this song down.

  103. Blue sky hard to beat just awesome but most of his solos are!!!!

    Love the site John keep up the good work

  104. I really love all the minor solos like the elizibeth reed like the great one jon did I had an old show were one of them st arted the elizibeth reed solo of with box chords like wes Montgomery so I would say any of the 70 71 elizibeth reed ones

  105. I hate to pick the obvious but you just can not get Stormy Monday out of your head once you hear it so I got to go with Stormy Monday any solo from Live at the Fillmore East is pure Gold. One of the best Live albums ever!

  106. Thanx John,

    Duane Allman is my favorite guitarist!
    I hope I can take the new year and ramp up my quality of play!
    Your lessons are the best and I always am so grateful for them!

    Happy New Year!
    David Kennedy

  107. Love the whipping post solo…love all his stuff.
    Gone almost before he really got started. Brilliance is spelled Duane Allman

  108. I love all of the music. Its hard to say a favorite. I am just hoping to win the course since I can’t afford to purchase lessons. And I am getting nowhere really with YouTube. Thanks for the entry.

  109. Favorite solo is Sweet Little Angel from Duane Allman Anthology (1972) just an absolute great sounding tune. I have listened to it so my times I can not count them. His vocals in it as well are outstanding. Just a AWESOME tune. That is a tune I would like to have you teach us how to play.

  110. I grew up with Duane in Daytona Beach, Florida. He gave me the only guitar lesson I’ve ever had other than online. He showed me how to form movable chords (barre chords) which really opened up the door to the fret board for me. A great person and good friend. I really miss him.

  111. Albert Niquiporo

    Duane Allman had the perfect slide tone. John Tuggle reproduces the tone and technique better than anyone I’ve heard. He da’ man!

  112. My favorite is “Hot Lanta” especially from their “Live At Filmore East” album. An album I bought 1971 and still have in almost
    prestine condition despite it have been played a lot.

  113. WOW dude, you can make that guitar talk, that is an awesome solo, very cool, I need to learn that bad to the bone solo.

  114. “This year I will be more thoughtful of my fellow man, exert more effort in each of my endeavors, professionally as well as personally. Take love wherever I find it, and offer it to everyone who will take it. In this coming year I will seek knowledge from those wiser than me and try to teach those who wish to learn from me. I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can.” -DA 1/1/1969

    I try to live my life by this quote.

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