1966 Vibrolux and Weber Attenuator – Listen to the Many Tones You Can Achieve


In this post I want to show you how dramatically the tone can change from just using a weber mini mass attenuator and my Fender 1966 Vibrolux. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Well I can’t afford a 1966 Vibrolux so this doesn’t apply to me.” Untrue. The principles you will see will apply to any tube amp that is in good working order. It may not sound the same but you will get the idea of what I’m trying to show you in the video.

In this video I used my Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat with no effects.

Watch the Video


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8 thoughts on “1966 Vibrolux and Weber Attenuator – Listen to the Many Tones You Can Achieve”

  1. Very cool vid for the age old problem of having more amp than the playing space/venue can handle. You should check out the Bad Cat Unleash….similar idea without the treble loss. Keep up the great work.

  2. Cool video – My Weber does seem to cut as much volume as yours does between 6 and 8. I wonder if that is just a perceived difference due to your mic/recording setup, or if mine is actually different. I use a 50W MiniMass on a 40W Blues Deluxe RI. For my setup, I would say I get the same perceivable volume difference as this video at a much lower volume level–like between 2-4 instead of 6-8. Your thoughts?

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