Slide Guitar Lessons Method 1 and 2 Revised

After nearly 3 years of putting video guitar lessons together, I’ve decided to go back and put some updates into the very first 2 DVDs I ever made. Now why would I do this? Well I just attended a guitar conference in North Carolina and talked to many guitarists who wanted to learn slide guitar, but just couldn’t seem to put it all together.

After talking with many different people, I had some new ideas on how to approach teaching people how to successfully develop this rather difficult skill. At the Southeastern Guitar Conference there were tons of guitar players. Johnny Hiland was there, among many other very fine players. Now I know how to play guitar, but I’m not a blues guitar wizard or anything. There were some guys there that could really shred!

Out of all those players I think I heard maybe one other guy play slide. So when I arrived and started playing slide, someone immediately came over and started talking to me. I’m telling you this because by playing slide guitar, I got noticed immediately because no one else was doing it. I’m not trying to be egotistical here, I’m just saying that by doing something that not everyone else is doing, you will get noticed much easier.

By playing slide guitar, I get asked to do many more gigs, recording sessions, and musical opportunities because I can perform this skill. If you want to get more gigs and have more musical opportunities then playing slide guitar will definitely give you an edge over the competition.

So what’s different in these DVDs?

In Slide Guitar Method 1, I added some more exercises, 10 new Duane Allman Style licks, Fretboard Maps, and more beginner material that will help you start playing slide guitar even if you don’t know anything about the slide. Open E Tuning frightens some people and I think everyone should understand that you can start playing some really cool things if you give it a shot. It’s a lot easier than playing slide guitar in standard tuning I’ll tell you that.

In Slide Guitar Method 2, I changed the lessons to teach you more of a Blue Sky style sound. Although I do go over how to play singer style R&B licks to make the slide guitar sound like a human voice. In this DVD I also go over intervals and why you must know them. It truly is the key to opening up the fretboard in open e tuning or any guitar style for that matter.

Here’s a preview of Slide Guitar Method 1.


Here’s the solo you will learn in Slide Guitar Method 2.


If you’re interested in learning Open E Tuning Slide Guitar, then I really think you will benefit from these DVDs. I’m having a special promotion to kick off the re-release of these DVDs and you can save some money if you purchase during the promotional period. For the player who is really looking to dig deep into open e tuning slide guitar, then check out my 5 DVD Course.
Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope my lessons have been helpful to your guitar playing.

John W. Tuggle

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