New Original Song – Movin’ On


I’ve just completed my first original song in about 5 years. I’ve been so busy creating lessons and building Learning Guitar Now that I haven’t had much extra time to write any new material.

Since this has been the case, I decided to combine the two. I thought I would write an original song and then teach how to play it in some new lessons. This has been the plan, and for better or worse this is the song I have come up with.

Movin’ On

Music – John W Tuggle
Lyrics – John W Tuggle, Tova Rinah
Vocals – Clarence Cameron

Watch the Video

You will learn how to play this entire song in the new Open E lessons as well as some new techniques and more about rhythm guitar in open e. The Lesson Video will contain the entire performance with 2 camera angles up close. Above is just my attempt at a “Cool” type music video with my limited experience.

Thanks for listening!

15 thoughts on “New Original Song – Movin’ On”

  1. John,
    I’ve never commented on or “liked” a web posting in my life. But your guitar playing in this video is inspiring and soulful. Love the song.

  2. Finally get to hear what the teacher can play and it takes me back to when I first heard blues moons ago. Immediately I picked up on the vibe and the beat very likeable. Thanks for sharing.

  3. its a great webb site i have been playing guitar again after a 25 yr layoff i have bought johns blues dvd set i have learnt a lot top man music is great

  4. Are you kiddin’ me!!! John you would certainly make Duane, Warren and/or Derek proud!!! You are wailin’ my friend. Thanks so much for your lessons. I dream to play like any of you. :O)

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